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Better Jumping (by meh321)


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I recently saw 'Better Jumping' by meh321 upon browsing the Nexus top files and, to my surprise, didn't find a topic about it on here.




Has this been examined for potential future inclusion yet? The double jump option isn't on by default and running jumps seem like a big improvement. Plus, it's an SKSE plugin, so no extra ESP.

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I have used this mod for quite some time now, and I have no issues with it. Haven't even tried using the double jump as it never occurred to me or happened by mistake while using this mod. An essential mod if you ask me. I can't understand why Bethesda removed the jump while sprinting feature present in earlier Bethesda games.

And the jumps happen instantly after button is pressed with no delays or weird animations sequences.

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Hey guys, this sounds great, I want to check it out. Reminds me of a similar mod I found. You guys know about the Skyrim Skill Replacer? He adds 5 Perk Trees, one being Athletics (LOVE IT) That mod adds a jumping perk. I think it was like 30/60/100 Each level increases jump height. Not insane either. Be cool to pair up with this.


Also, since its kind of the same realm, wanted to see what you guys thought of this.  I didnt want to start a new topic with it since I think it may be bugged.


Realistic Humanoid Movement speed.

 Always hated how borked up the movement speeds were in vanilla,(especially compared to NPC's walk/run rate) I was super happy when I found this. Everything is done very well and very realistic and immersive. Until I tried running with a weapon out. It's way to fast, and breaks immersion instantly if your paying attention. (Like why am I suddenly fast with two swords out?) If I knew how to tone it down a little bit this mod would be an excellent addition to STEP. Does anyone know of any other mods that address the horrible unbalanced run/walk/sprint/sneak speeds? I mean in vanilla you CANT just walk/run/ect next to someone at the same pace, I find it VERY annoying.

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