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The Last Dragon (by JohnSnow91)


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Man, we are getting spoiled the last couple months with these DLC-sized mods.


The Last Dragon coming August 25th (from their ModDB):



The Elder Scrolls: The Last Dragon - is a global mod for Skyrim. Which is creating by Light TM. The story will begin exactly after the main quest of Skyrim. The player will visit Sentinel, Highrock, Akavir Islands and other locations. He will have a chance to participate in War between Thalmor and Empire and to chose a side.The main quest will take time more then 30h.You will have loyal companions your own crew and other. Also we need 3D desiners, people who can work in Blender, 3D max and other similar programs. We want to make our project better and unique Here some information, video and screenshots. Hope for your support.

30 hours? O.o


Anyways, it goes through multiple provinces of Tamriel and the trailer even has the Imperial City looking rather beat up. It's German, I guess, but they said an English version would be coming out, so hopefully it doesn't take to long to do that.





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