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RGX - The Redguard Expansion - Exotic DLC (by RedRayne)


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RGX - The Redguard Expansion - Exotic DLC (by RedRayne)


Features (from the nexus page):

  • Large new tropical Island, made from scratch.
  • various exotic beaches and districts to discover
  • Join up to 4 new factions
  • Experience unique quests
  • Experience unique battle's between factions.
  • New Animals Sharks, angel shark, Trolls, Tiger, Panthers, Forest Spiders. etc.
  • New Custom Soundtrack and Combat Soundtrack as well.
  • Interact with the people of Dibella's Island, it's a full immersive city, that will draw player's in
  • Dibella's Island is a beautiful Island filled with charm and beauty, the author spent one year creating Dibella's Island.
  • New Arena, Unique raids in the open sea.
  • New Girlfriend's
  • and much more.

Another great looking DLC-type mod. This one is centered around the Redguard, so I'm guessing you'll be in Southern Tamriel. 


The download is like 1.2GB, so there should be plenty to do!

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1.1 will be released today what you can expect to have.

General Adjustments

New epic trailer

a reduced file size, will convert the audio to wxm

more unique quests, such as puzzles, follow the blood trail etc.

More unique custom caves

more custom dialogue between the citizens of Dibellla's Island.

Will expand the guild's, they will have much to offer you in the 1.1 version.

Cool side quests.

more voice acting.

and much more lovely custom soundtrack

New voice files from the Imperial Nine leader and Jasmine

Most of the warrior's from Namira's Cult will have their own combat dialogue

Most of the Red Sabre Pirates will also have their own combat dialogue

new animals.

new camps

All new arena

and much more.

From the nexus page (1.8.15).


Looks cool, but I might have been distracted by the Swedish song in the trailer. =|:)

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