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  1. For anyone still interested in modding SSE.. check out SSE Fixes!
  2. Cool, I did that too for Purity in Oldrim but hadn't considered porting it. Time to try it out!
  3. Nice list Paul.. stole a few ideas from it :) I'm wondering though, where did you get 'Purity Falls.zip (1D881099)' from? I assume these are the waterfalls only from Purity for Oldrim?
  4. So for the SSE modders here, what do you think about the current state of ENBs/ReShade? CFL ENB, Rudy ENB and SkyrimSE Re-Engaged are all really solid presets already, but they really hurt my performance.. With JK's Riverwood installed for example, standing on the bridge looking towards Riverwood dropped me from 60 to ~40 fps with Rudy ENB with Lens and DoF disabled... In many other areas you can maintain 60 fps, but such strange and heavy drops make it unusable for me in its current state. ReShade presets caused similar drops, especially when DoF, Gaussian Blur and MXAO were involved. I do have a fairly heavily modded game already and insist on using a grass overhaul (UG/Verdant). I'm not using SFO though. I decided that for now I'm actually content with not using fancy presets at all. You can already make your game look really good with the current selection of weather/lighting mods out there. Btw for those that dislike TAA, try adding just a lumasharpen module via the newest ReShade! Costs like 1-2 fps and does wonders
  5. Small updates: ENB is progressing well and is atm good to use for stuff slight tone changes, bloom, DoF and some sharpening. I especially liked the sharpening option that one of the presets on the Nexus included, it kind of compensates for TAA's blur while TAA itself takes care of aliasing. I do think that using ENB at this point isn't super necessary, for me it means I can't run the game at a stable 60 fps at 1440p anymore. I'm probably also one of the few people that likes the in game DoF and don't really need a reshade/enb shader for it. Think I'll wait for more features before I start using it again. A small tweak that I've seen on reddit a couple of times now that makes playing without an ENB manageable is to put fGlobalContrastBoost=-0.2 under Display in Skyrim.ini. It compensates for the overall 'blackness' that is especially notable on npcs. With just this tweak, Vivid Weathers, ELE, Noble Skyrim and Total Character Makeover the game already looks great. Also, the game itself has a Beta Update 1.2. It apparently increases performance in cpu-bound areas: link. The post is made by someone of the SKSE team too.. is it finally happening? :D As for Loot.. I think right now it's important to just check for conflicts yourself and use that to determine load order. I still find that I need to patch >50% of ported mods that I'm using right now because they don't include Update.esm changes for example.
  6. Dang, that is one of the more annoying ones to patch as well.. I went with the other character overhaul because of it, haha. Also, ENB! I saw that the Somber 3 author is very active on those forums, makes me excited for new presets! Somber 3 is one of the best looking ENB presets ever made imo..
  7. Still using NMM here, it is.. okay.. if you keep a mental note (or just a notepad file) of overwrite order. If you uninstall a mod that used to overwrite another mod's file, I'm pretty sure the original files of that other mod are restored. But yea it's still annoying with more than half of the files being bsa's, load order influences what gets overwritten, you need dummy esps unless you extract bsa's manually with an external program etc...... I really can't work with WB either, I'm not sure why people seem to think it's so amazing. Think I'll choose to be handicapped right now and pray for a MO esque update for NMM.
  8. Right, forgot about that one. Should probably be used after NSM, but I didn't compare them yet. I preferred Vivid Landscapes and Skyrim HD Parallax Tribute over YALO for old Skyrim where they conflicted, but I guess I might as well try it now.
  9. There's also a version of SFO up on the original Nexus page. Even without SKSE and SkyUI there's a lot to keep track of.. /r/skyrimmods seems to be a good place for keeping up with everything.
  10. Hell yea. This is a perfect opportunity to actually play through the entire quest this time around. Maybe. For people interested in (official) texture (/meshes) ports, the main mods out there right now are Enhanced Textures Detail, Osmodius' texture pack, SMIM and Noble Skyrim. Right now I use Enhanced Textures Detail as base for improved meshes, Osmodius' pack as texture base, followed by SMIM, NSM Full 2k, NSM SMIM Patch, NSM SSE Patch. The whole SMIM/NSM chain is set up as recommended by NSM's author, not completely sure yet how I should fit Osmodius' pack in there.
  11. I've just installed Enhanced Textures Detail and SMIM, and right now I'm downloading the Noble Skyrim SSE update (found on the old Nexus). Let's see what this does to VRAM and performance
  12. No clue. I think that largely depends on whether or not we get an equivalent of SKSE
  13. This is exactly my problem. I gave up on installing mods that haven't been officially ported yet for now. Large builds are impossible to manage with NMM I feel.. For now I use it just to have a list for the must have mods that have already been released on the SSE Nexus. That texture problem is interesting.. and it might even be a good thing in a weird way. As in, simply stealing older texture packs without revising them might result in CTDs in SSE. Perhaps that will make people think twice before uploading the work of another By the way, I just went to enbdev to see what Boris is up to and it looks like he at least got his game running. There's hope!
  14. Hmm I've had no crashes in about 3-4 hours total so far. I'm using the unofficial patch though. Another quick note: The official esm files are being loaded in the wrong order.. even if you change them using NMM they revert every time you restart NMM :/ See also this post from Arthmoor.
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