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Tales From the Burning Sands error




I don't know if this is the right place to post this or if this is even an error resulting from F&LNV, but I seem to have come upon an error in the first part of Tales From the Burning Sands where you have to make a nano bomb from some items you find. However, no recipe for the nano bomb is shown when I enter a workbench even if I have all the items needed. When watching a walkthrough on youtube, the recipe should be shown when enerting the workbench normally, but in my game which uses F&LNV, the recipe does not show. 

If anyone has any idea what coule be causing and maybe how I could proceed through the quest I would be really greatful.


Thanks for reading. The guide is amazing!


Edit: I figured out the problem. My explosives skill wasnt high enough to be able to make the recipe and therefore the recipe wasnt highlighted. Now to delete this topic.

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