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  1. The Repconn fixes was part of a merged patch in the guide doesn't that mean that you have to remerge the patch without the Repconn fix if you want to update to YUP 10?
  2. I noticed YUP 10 is out. Is it ok to update to it with the current state of F&L?
  3. I know this might seem redundant to some more experienced modders, but would it be possible to see a screenshot of the entire left pane after the STEP guide is complete? I'm scared I might have missed something and it would be quicker to troubleshoot with a correct MO list than going through the whole list again. (it might also help future users of the guide to know what their MO should look like at the very end in case they missed something.) EDIT: on second thought, that was a terrible idea. Would be such a pain I imagine to make a complete screenshot of each time a mod was added or removed.
  4. So that means that the vanilla optimized textures go right at the beginning of the order? Does the order of the optimized vanilla textures matter?
  5. Quick question, when i'm doing the optimized textures for the vanilla textures, where do I drag them in the left pane after I activate them? https://i.imgur.com/AWSsFOI.png And what about the mod optimized textures? I feel the guide is kinda not easy to understand when it just says "Install each archive as if it was the original mod and make sure it is located in the correct order in the left pane of MO." Does this mean they go after the original mods wherever they are located in the left pane? I'm a realy idiot at this stuff and when stuff isnt writeen out really obvious I get really confused and scared to do a miss-step.
  6. Thanks dude, your advice helped me fix it! On another note does anyone know if there are any other quest mods compatible with F&L? Any other reccomended mods that arent in the guide but work with F&L? Is there a reason JSawyer and Vicious Wastes were not included in F&L? Great community and guide btw!
  7. So im getting errors when trying to buy from the Vendortron Five Billion outside the Gun Runners where all the weapons and weapon mods it sells are have an error as shown in the screenshot. When I equip the guns I get a red error mark. Is there any way to fix this or trouble shoot why it is happening? https://i.imgur.com/DqpAKSn.jpg
  8. I haven't tried reinstalling it yet, but I checked the file tree and all the meshes and textures are there in the "Premade Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia" folder. I just don't understand why im getting the error if all the textures are there.
  9. >You'd have to find a mod that changes that, there isn't anything I can think of that changes the weapon durability. Does anyone else experience that weaponsdegrade much slower than normal?
  10. So I followed the guide and did the MCM settings that were reccomended, but my guns and armor take a really long time to break down.-It can't be the intended durability. Is there perhaps a mod or a setting I messed up on that would affect this? I feel as the game is too easy without having to worry about maintenance or guns and armor. Also I followed the guide for the Weapons of the New Millenia mod but the texture arent loading and I get the red markers. If I have completed the STEP guide and go back and reinstall Weapons of the New Millenia and then make a new bashed patch and then loot, will my game/load order/or save suffer?
  11. Is there a reason that there are so few quest mods in the guide? Is it due to lack of space on the plugin limit?
  12. Hey, I don't know if this is the right place to post this or if this is even an error resulting from F&LNV, but I seem to have come upon an error in the first part of Tales From the Burning Sands where you have to make a nano bomb from some items you find. However, no recipe for the nano bomb is shown when I enter a workbench even if I have all the items needed. When watching a walkthrough on youtube, the recipe should be shown when enerting the workbench normally, but in my game which uses F&LNV, the recipe does not show. If anyone has any idea what coule be causing and maybe how I could proceed through the quest I would be really greatful. Thanks for reading. The guide is amazing! Edit: I figured out the problem. My explosives skill wasnt high enough to be able to make the recipe and therefore the recipe wasnt highlighted. Now to delete this topic.
  13. Ok I think I see what you are saying, when you create the bashed patch a lot of previously ticked plugins in the list become unticked. This is because of the bashed patch? Is there a way to see total number of plugins loading after the bashed patch has been created? EDIT: The game is working now. Thanks a lot for the advice!
  14. Hey, I also seem to have that problem. But i'm wondering if the text Wrye Flash gives me, when in the guide we are supposed to make a bashed patch, says something like "The following mods are mergeable. While it is not important to Wrye Flash functionality or the end contents of the bashed patch, it is suggest that they be deactivated and merged into the patch; this (helps) avoid the Fallout maximum esp/m limit." and then lists a lot of esps. Can these esps listed be merged without harm? what does one enable for esps after you have merged them? Should they all be deactivated and only the merged esp should be left? The guide doesn't mention the steps for this potential merged patch. I have merged what the guide told me but I still have around 147 plugins going, are the esps Wrye Flash lists as mergable ok to merge to get my plugin count down?
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