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Ancient Draugr Shield (by majormodder)


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Ancient Draugr Shield by majormodder



This is one of those tiny mods I can't play without. Kind of an underrated/hidden gem if you ask me.


It always seemed odd (to me) that Draugrs have their own specific set of weapons & armor, but kept using the default Iron Shield. Not to mention that this one look a little bit too "new" to fit their outfit.


This mod fix that by introducing a new shield, using the defaut Iron Shield meshe with an edited texture to match the look of Draugr armors. The shield replace the Iron Shield in draugr's lvldlist.

The texture have a higher quality than the default one, so your eyes won't burn if you're used to play with 2K / 4K ^^




Note that the plugin need a few adjustements to be integrated in the WAF/CCO framework if you're a consistency-freak.

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