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[suggestion] Recommandation content indicator in main guide page


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This topic might be in the wrong forum,  I had no idea where to post this.


So, I'm done with installing STEP


During the process, there were a little information I felt missing, to save some time : 



It would be great if it was possible to have a quick overview of what's in the "Recommandation" mod page's section before clicking on "Detailed instructions available". (in the table's STEP guide)

So if instructions are only about MCM configuration, I know I can skip this for now and keep installing stuffs until I launch the game. If it only contain a LOOT Metarule, I'll probably end installing the current section before running LOOT to set all relevant metadata. 

However, if there is files to hide, or specific installation infos (fomod instructions, or about which files to pick from the mod's download page), I know I have to check this before installing the mod.



Something like this :






Edit :

Well, just found this suggestion : https://forum.step-project.com/topic/7312-step-mcm-column/

Just saying that this one's a bit different, though my example is the very same (I guess Sarou just stumbled accross the same issue, opening the LoS mod page to see that it only had MCM related infos, and though "to hell with it, why did I loose time looking at this page right now ?" ^^).

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Actually, I second this idea... especially for those of us going back trhough to update our installs, this would be invaluable. I could tell at a quick glance which are install instructions, which are META rules, and so forth. I know it's more work for the team, but it does make much less jumping around in the guide to find the info we need.

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Things like this takes coding and editing vital parts of the wiki. It's not something that we do lightly. Most of the time when any code relating to the Guide is altered it's done by s4n.

Yeah, I can understand that. Well, at least, the suggestion is posted somewhere, in case s4n don't know what to do on his free-time :lol:  (if he have any ?  ::P: )




I suggested this a LONG time ago - people just ignored me.

Sorry to hear that. I guess everyone who make suggestions run into this kind of "answer" at one point or another ^^ Actually I wasn't expecting much from this thread either ^^ but you never know.

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