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Excalibr Not Detecting .esm from FWE (CTD)



I think my topic title is the problem but I am not too sure. I've done well following the guide so far and have had no problems up until I installed the weapon mods. During my last successful play test, I had installed every mod up until the weapons mods, and after installing all the weapon mods I get a CTD.




The guide says, "Double click (eXcalibr) in the left pane of MO and move CALIBR.esm to Optional ESPs; FWE provides this plugin."   (pic 1)

However the .esm in 'eXcalibr' is actually called 'xCALIBR', not sure if that is important.

Looking in 'FWE', the .esm seems to be called 'CALIBR'.   (pic 2)

Hovering over the plugin, it says   (see pic 3)

Clicking on problems also says    (see pic 4)


Seems like the simple fix would be to move the 'xCALIBR' .esm from optional plugins in the 'eXcalibr' mod, (haven't tried), but have I done something wrong since the guide says FWE already has the .esm but it seems to be a different name?

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The Calibr.esm and xCalibr.esm are completely different, they just happen to have similar names.The eXcalibr mod includes several esm plugins. The guide comment is that FWE already installed the Calibr.esm so you don't need the additional copy from the eXcalibr mod since they are identical. Apparently for some people the FWE fomod isn't installing the Cailbr.esm plugin. I'm considering adding instructions for installation of FWE that don't use the fomod since it's not consistent across users. A simple manual installation can be done, but I'll need to note the files and folders to eliminate.


You can use Calibr.esm from the eXcalibr mod if you want

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This might explain at least part of my missing .esm issue as well, as a couple of the dependency flags MO is tossing up call for these plugins.


I'm beginning to suspect some of the issues I'm having are fomod related.

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