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Hearthfire Extended (by Kinaga)

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FYI, I created an issue on the LOOT GitHub page regarding the ITM that Kinaga mentioned shouldn't be cleaned. I let Kinaga know on the Nexus page, and I was surprised by this response:




Since writing that I have noticed that removing the record may not actually prevent dialogue from functioning. It just seems to be a record that is automatically generated by the creation kit but AFAIK not actually used by the game. This means that it probably shouldn't fall under the same "dirty mod" category as other ITMs since it cannot possibly cause any problems, but at the same time it may not be necessary so might be better left out in the interest of efficiency.

Sorry about the outdated info. The record itself relates to steward dialogue, which I actually did edit, and so I thought that TES5Edit was simply unable to recognise my edit.





The issue here is whether ITMs in DialogueViews should be considered to make a mod "dirty", since I don't think the game engine reads DialogueViews at all. At the time I wrote the quoted line I suspected that I had edited the DialogueView in a way that TES5Edit did not recognise, however I now think that the DialogueView is used only by the creation kit itself.

I intend to remove this edit from the mod in its next update. It might be a good idea to set up a rule for LOOT to ignore ITMs in DialogueViews since they are not used by the game anyway so cannot cause problems (assuming this information is correct).



It looks like cleaning it may not cause an issue, but leaving it shouldn't cause an issue, either. However, I am not familiar enough with the technical bits to really know. :-/


I assume leaving the ITM for now shouldn't hurt anything.

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DialogView defines the flowchart structure of the dialog branches displayed in Creation Kit. If you open Skyrim.esm and look at Quest/Faction/Mages Guid/MGRAppBrelyna01View, you'll see the flowchart. I doubt this is used in the game since it seems the only purpose is to display a visual chart of the branches on a quest, but I do not know with a level of certainty this is not used in the game.

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I can't get Hearthfire Extended to run - could this be of the 1 dirty ITM ?

When arriving at the last bits of modding and I need to sort my masters in TES5 I keep getting a "Line 2207 NVMN does not exist" error from the Heartfire Extended.

So I think I should clean that 1 ITM ? 

Thank you for any feedback :)

So, I'm unable to load this mod in xEdit for the same reason. Anyone have insight in how to address the xEdit error?


btw, I posted on the mods Nexus forum as well, I will share any response I receive ...


... Kinaga (the mod author) responded;

"Probably download corruption. Try downloading the file again."


After downloading the file again & replacing the previous MO installed mod Hearthfires Extended loads in TES5Edit with no mention "Line 2207 does not exist". So I'm off to enjoy the new features in game.

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FYI, now Kinaga is stating clearly that cleaning the ITM will not cause an issue.


See here.




The ITM is in a record that is not used by the game. It is only used by the Creation Kit. You can remove it or leave it, it makes no difference.


Although, there is a big issue with sorting the masters. Too long to quote everything, but basically it will break the mod. See here.


Edit: More info, messing about with the quote system that didn't want to work.

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Thanks for the info Neb. This sort of stuff can be hard to dig up when the author doesn't put in the info on the main nexus page. I've updated our mod page.

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