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  1. I spotted this issue/mod fix while reading the ICoW description page & posts, Immersive College of Winterhold - Not so fast Mage Guild Patch which address teachers not teaching between the missions affected by the slowed mission progression. Might be worth a look by the Dev Team, un less already addressed by your CR patches.
  2. Everybody falls the first time, that's just the Matrix. Just start fresh & work through the steps, modding is the real game, playing is so pedestrian
  3. BTW, beautiful Nights Watch themed armor set on the Trello board (link at top of Lexy's wiki). Thanks for adding Sthaagg Memnochs, great find!
  4. No worries, it wasn't a selection for guide inclusion (already rejected on the Trello board), just a personal choice. I agree on the follower aspect, unneeded/unwanted (wondering if I can unpack her BSA & pull follower scripts, probably better to just use personal discipline). Re- CR, I'll be doing my own (using all available STEP references & copious amounts of coffee). My load order is potentially smaller/easier to deal with as I don't do the LoTD aspect (yes, weird that I hangout here, but it's where the cool kids are).
  5. I do, MFG was a great tool in LE, glad to see it for SE. Thanks for the link.
  6. I've run into that no loading no crashing limbo/purgatory thing now & again, it seems to baffle xEDIT & MO and to only respond to the brute force troubleshooting approach. Of course there are modders that know far more than I do, maybe there's a better process to resolve those issues? I'd love to see it posted so I could learn more, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I break my game again [modaholic].
  7. My last experience with that had something to do with TMB Armors, merged into an "Equipment Merged" plugin and Qwinn's show amulets mod(s) that merged into my bashed patch (non-guide install). Maybe some kind of non-obvious dependency? A shame when those don't make themselves obvious by throwing the whole load order into xEdit, the "disable half your plugins, rinse, repeat" trial & error routine is soul crushing. As for the Provincial Courier, I'm hoping Lilly is a suitable replacement. I've grown tired of the lad becoming an irish house guest with the Jarl's first letter, and I find the office an eyesore. Belethor's shop is a much better hangout for a creepy court page.
  8. Regarding 1st Person Candlelight Fix from the guide, Mebantiza posts a suggestion to edit the mesh with NifScope. Specifically setting it's co-ordinates to x = 0.0 y = 20.0 z = 24.0 the included (in the original post) picture looks like it corrects the issue (which remains for me even with this mod) nicely.
  9. Added Freshly Picked as I usually save alchemy for mid/late game (as my smithing becomes less frequent), that way hunting & gathering early will boost the skill a bit (hopefully, we'll see in game). Thanks for the tip, nice synergy with Eloquent Reader. Speaking of which I already grabbed Pick Up Books to pair with More HUD Inventory Edition, to allow skill book identification in inventory & use by choice instead of automatically. Finally, those Frescoes look beautiful, I notice the Darkend location mod uses some of them, so I added Frescoes after it in my MO2 installer.
  10. Quick questions regarding Interesting NPCs, special installation instructions; Do not install Interesting NPCs SSE 3.42 Beta: Scripts\follower3dnpc.pex Do not install Interesting NPCs - 3DNPC - Overhaul SSE: 3dnpc - Overhaul.esp Are these instructions related to the CR patches? If I'm doing my own CR (and not using iAFT), should I go ahead and install the script & esp files? (yes I know doing my own CR is a huge project, but I need to "re-certify for SSE" and wanted a summer study project )
  11. I never had a problem with the SRO model, but after looking at your photos it seems very modern to me. I'm worried about being run over by an auto while looking at it now. I also grabbed the Gamwich Chalice, Clouds, Downpour combo pack, Maps (battle maps, not the gorgeous college map on the Trello board, that's a keeper) and Rustic Woodpost & Lampost. Not sure if they are all SSE compatible, but I suppose blunt force trial and error will tell donning safety goggles. * edit/addition: was it you that mentioned Nether's Follower Framework on the discord? I scooped that right up and am eager to try it in place of iAFT (which I like, but seems like more than I really need). You are on a roll sir, kudos!
  12. @ godescalus: now you've done it, I've downloaded my missing favorite Gamwich textures from LE, including the damn manhole since nothing else will do after you're photo comparison
  13. TechAngel's guide (on STEP) is set up similarly, I used it before Lexy's, I agree SRO is indespensible. I'm constantly mistaking the "SRO look" for vanilla, which is a testament to it's quality & respect for the original, makes sense it was included in STEP for so long.
  14. Speaking of which, does the new version of Wyrmstooth make additions to the crafting system? I remember the LE version adding ore/ingots to my levelled lists, brimstone & something else maybe?
  15. Looks like SJ of OMEGA is at it again, in addition to updating the main mod to v1.98, he now offers an all-in-one for Heavy Armory that includes the base mod + heavy armory enchanted + MLU compatibility in one esp (also a non-enchanted version).
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