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Mod Organizer and Fallout Redesigned 2



Hello, after looking through several solutions I've come to an impasse on how to fix this particular issue. The issue is while using Fallout Redesigned, the head colors don't seem to match their bodies, (White heads with black or brown bodies) I know the fix for this is to usually turn Archive Invalidation off and then on again but I've tried unchecking and then rechecking automatic archive invalidation and it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem at all. I appreciate any help on the issue and thanks again for reading through my post.

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There have been reported problems with Fallout Redesigned. I expect the problem you have isn't a simple Archive Invalidation issue. To examine a problem like this often requires looking at the character object records using FO3Edit to see whether another mod changes a character record that Fallout Redesigned uses. The Wrye Bash bashed patch is often helpful with this since if appropriate bash tags are used Wrye Bash can prioritize, and use, some of the records that Fallout Redesigned changed.


I haven't had this problem with this in my installation, but some others have; you can see installation details in the Clear and Present Danger guide referenced in my signature.

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