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Double Torch Radius (by Emarrel)


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Featured @ 7 minutes


Increases the torch radius by 2x, minor but noticeable change.


Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9605/?


If you're using a mod that drastically changes lighting you'll notice that vanilla torches are incredibly weak and hardly suffice as a portable light source. I feel this mod should serve as a pretty good balance between functionality and believability.

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No offense to the author, but this is just not worth the full .esp plugin slot.


Doing this tweak and putting that edit in one of the plugins already in your load order should be everyone's first lesson in how to use TES5Edit.

How? Do I delete this NavMesh thing in Skyrim.esm? Your tutorial sucks. ::(:




I present my finest achievement for your pleasure:


Da Best Torch Mod Eva!111!!!!!!.7z


I dare you to find a better torch radius mod! It will definetly be in the next version of STEP. If it (for some reason) is not, I won't freak out and burn my house down like last time. Double props to anyone cool enough to put it on Nexus. *wink*

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Torches cause night blindness and pretty much make everything else hard to see. If you want realism then make the torches black out everything after about five feet. Also, no one would use a torch indoors for the same reason.


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I think I'm gonna sub since he covers lots of Skyrim's equipment. I also wanna wear a cloak after watching his cloaks video, since they're so good.


Anyways, I used Torch Arrows to light up some dark dungeons :) I also found a newer torch arrow mod with more compatibility, but without scripts I think. So the arrows create a light source and never turn off until the save resets or whatever lol I dunno, but I wouldn't like the arrows creating never ending extra light sources to stress out my PC.

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I personally rarely use a torch. If I need to see better I cast Magelight.

I thought you meant in real life. I was about to ask you if what 'Maglight' torch you own, which is a real brand.  ::P:


Fuzz just use my plugin if you want to host raves in Skyrim. If everyone can see, everyone can dance.

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Well it took literally 30 seconds so don't expect much. I think I may do a actual better job perhaps next weekend or something. If there is anything you want to see with torches just say. I want to do some little mods every so often, (well when I can) maybe with a bit of humor. I grow tired of having to colour within the lines sometimes with my current files. 

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