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Proper Installation of Project Nevada

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The guide seems unclear about which mods in the UI section require FOMM. While the PN Nexus pages recommend FOMM for installation, this guide doesn't indicate to follow those instructions or just use MO. It's a bit conspicuous that there aren't FOMM instructions in the guide for these mods, so it's easy to assume that it's MO. The wording for the Extra Options mod, where you are supposed to NOT install a certain module, doesn't mesh with the FOMM installation where modules are not individually selected.


This is pretty confusing altogether, I think. Looking closely, I can see that the guide says a couple of mods in the UI section use FOMM but it is not clear which as the instructions for the mods themselves do not indicate the use of FOMM.

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If you look at the notice just above the FOMM - fork mod in the Utilities section of the guide, you'll see that FOMM is no longer needed since MO can now handle almost all of the mods that include fomods. I expect you won't need to use FOMM - fork for any of the mods in the guide.


When EssArrBee finishes with the changes in the STEP guide he is currently completing he will be updating this guide and changing the instructions that mentioned using FOMM - fork.

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Ess, the guide still says that a couple of the UI Section mods "require FOMM" which is why I got confused. I could not see which ones, and as FOMM was still listed in the Utilities (I did miss the note that it's no longer necessary), I was pretty sure I was going to mess something up if I didn't ask for some guidance. You're right that there are no mods that I see with FOMM instructions. I think it's the more general notes that need to be taken out at this point to reduce possible confusion. That said, I think this one is just as much my fault for missing that note about FOMM not being needed anymore. 


I have everything good to go at this point, thankfully, and have moved on to your retexture section. 

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