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doomed to bad performance? overclocking the culprit?





I think I might be doomed to just not be able to run the Fallout games to a stable degree. I have a very good computer from overclockers.com which came overclocked but I have a lot of problems with both fallout games, lag and stuttering mainly in fights. I have followed all of Clear and Present dangers great tips and even looked at other guides to see if I can tweak my ini files to help but no. Its frustrating as I see some youtubers like ncrvet posting lovely looking videos with lesser hardware.


Im starting to wonder if its because of pc is overclocked or well I know that someone people just are unlucky esp with windows 8.1




Intel® Core i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz overclocked to approx 4.20ghz

16 gb ram

OS on 111Gb ssd

Fallout 3 on 125GB ssd

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 4gb 


Any help is appreciated but I know theres not much to be done if its my pc. 


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From what you posted it would be hard to determine what is going on. More info is needed.


Things like:

Is this a vanilla game.

Do you mod the game.

Do you use Nexus mod manager, Mod Organizer or other utility to mod it.

If mods are installed what are they.


This is just a starting point and once you provide the info someone may be able to take it further.

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Well I've followed the clear and present danger guide.


Use the 1k nmc texture pack version.


Use mod organiser.


Indoors frame rates are great though sometimes with the increased spawns of marts enemies sometimes jump about and are unhittable.


Outside is the main problem when there are alot of enemies on the screen. I haven't reduced the spawns which are at 1 - 2x.


I've been playing around with cell buffer and ipreloadlimit settings in ini to see if that helps but no.


I'm using a modified version of midhras enb tweaked by ncr vet.

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Assuming you don't have messy load order conflicts or mod gamebreaking conflicts(for example me when I install Big Town Overhaul and Book Of Earache mods my whole intro main menu disappears although these 2 mods do not conflict with each other at least in FO3Edit, it just happens), the only thing that comes in mind when facing stuttering and bad performance is the use of ENBoost.

ENBoost might do wonders in Skyrim, but in FO3 at least for me NO. It was the major reason for me facing excessive and annoying stuttering when strafing, looking at the sky then facing down, moving around, aiming with a gun and generally I could feel that the movement of my player was choppy and laggy.


That's why I just don't use its features. You can have an ENB preset with all its goodies and with ENBoost turned off just fine.


On the other hand, I've been an AMD gpu owner all these years modding and playing FO3 and well, ENB's were always challenging to set and run properly all this time simply because Boris developed everything in his ENB project focusing nVidia cards. Of course there's been huge improvements since then, most driver issues are gone, transparency glitches were solved, visual quality is pretty decent and generally at least in the FO/FNV series the latest enb binaries work just fine with AMD cards.


In your case, if you don't want to remove ENBoost or if simply removing it doesn't change anything, at least try to optimize its features focusing on a nVidia setup. There are plenty of information around google on which options in enblocal to keep true or false.


Finally, don't forget that FO3 is just not compatible with OS from Windows 7 and after. Memory leaks, background programs conflicting with FO3 and causing it to crash, visual basic related crashes, all kinds of nasty things. This worths reading https://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php?title=Fallout_3_and_Win_7_64_Bit.


Always keep in mind, Fallout 3 is a super unstable game on its own. Bad optimized engine full of bugs. The more you mod this game you increase your chances of bad performance/CTDs. Even FOSE is outdated and its the main requirement for almost everything out there.

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