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UI layout and keybinding questions


I last played FalloutNV a year or so ago and it was largely a vanilla game with a few texture mods. I have never played with anything like Project Nevada and all its UI element and I am a little overwhelmed by the options now available to me.


I have successfully installed the game, have my bashed patch working and can get into the game fine with everything looking beautiful but I can see a fair number of overlapping UI elements which need to be moved. I also have not yet worked out the keybinds necessary for holstering weapons or turning on pipboy lights so I thought I would ask for advice.


How do you lay out your UI elements? Could someone post a pic of their UI with everything on and say which elements they tend to leave visible and which they hide until combat or weapon draw?


As a Leftie, I will have to move a lot of the binds since I can't use WASD. There are also a lot of new choices in the F&L modded game and I am just bewildered. I know Project Nevada changes VATS into bullet time but I have no idea which of the long list of PN and weapon swapping keybinds are what you would consider core and which are occasional use. Coming from Skyrim I am spoiled by SkyUI and `mapping hotkeys.


What I would appreciate is some sort of overview of the critical keybinds for typical gameplay. Perhaps the following scenario...  selecting your rifle and getting off a couple of shots in slow time, chucking a quick grenade or mine, swapping to a shotgun and then popping a stimpac or med.


Do you tend to bother with Traits? I used to select Skilled for the slower xp gain but the PN balancing options in the MCM part of the guide slow down xp gain anyway.


Thanks in advance for the help...

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I tend to pick Wild Wasteland and sometimes I pick Small Frame. It makes you injure quickly so the game is a bit harder at lower levels. If you don't want any Traits then pick Wild Wasteland only since it doesn't affect any stats, it only adds some weirdness to the wasteland.


Can't help you with mapping stuff for a leftie. I'm actually a controller player, so I don't even use the WASD setup.


Project Nevada doesn't replace VATS with bullet time, it gives you the option. Bullet time should be the 'c' key by default.


OneHUD is your best friend. It lets you move everything around that is really necessary. You can also remove brackets, disable icons, and remove anything you don't want. It has a hotkey to enable/disable all the HUD icons, 'i' as default. I move all my stuff around here's a screen:



So I'm also using cellHUD, but your hp/ap bars and compass should show the default DarnUI style. This is how it looks when I press 'i'. The stuff in the top right is from HUD Extended and the Radar is from Radar Mod I think. Those aren't in the guide and I don't think they will be.


If you put on power armor then the PPA icons would be on the left just above all my needs/combat stats/resists. You can move the PPA icons by pressing 'P' for 1 second and using the arrow keys to move them. The dots on the bottom right are from PN replacing the [HIDDEN] icon for sneaking with the discreet version. My gun condition/ammo icons overlap a little with the grenade and the AP icon because I just installed cellHUD and didn't move it. It wouldn't do that if I used the default DarnUI.


The last two that aren't showing are Selective Fire and Weapon Overheating. I put the Weapon Overheating icon on the left of the grenade icon and make it as small as possible. You can rotate it to look be horizontal or vertical. The Selective Fire icon is placed just above the gun condition and I use the alternate version which is much smaller.


Moving all the main icons, the stats on the left side, compass, and sneak meter are all from using the iHUD, aHUD menus that are from OneHUD. It also supports Thermal Recon Nightvision and moving the icons for that, but I usually use other helmets than the ones in that mod.

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