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Small fix for RH Ironsight and FO3-WRP - Weapon Retexture Project


If you use Millenia's textures with the Ironsights mod as the guide suggests, you may have noticed that the textures on the 10MM pistol remains vanilla rather than using Millenia's improved version. This small edit will fix the texture path in the RH_Ironsights master file.


I've been using this small edit to the RH_Ironsight.esm for a while now without noticing any ill effects, but as always back up your files before trying this:


1. Open the RH_IRONSIGHT.esm file in FO3Edit.


2. Click the plus sign next to RH_IRONSIGHT.esm and scroll down to "texture set".


3. Click the plus sign on texture set and scoll down to Texture Set -> 00025B81 1stPerson10mmPistolTexture and highlight it.


4. In the right pane of FO3Edit, change "TX00 - Base Image / Transpareny" to "Weapons\1HandPistol\1stPerson10mmPistol.dds" this redirects the Ironsights master to use the vanilla texture, which in this case is Millenia's.


5. Remove the entries at "TX01 .." and "TX 02.." via rightclick -> Remove


6. Close FO3Edit and save the edited RH_IRONSIGHT.esm.


Credit to Vicky1357 over at the Nexus forums for posting this fix.



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