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Categorized Favorites Menu Oni Edition (by Onigamibr)


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Discussion thread:
Categorized Favorites Menu Oni Edition by Onigamibr
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The author took Extreme Compatibility Config by whickus and has updated it with new mods and Dawnguard. Dawnguard is not required.

Here's a list of what's new:


• Change log:
- Added Vampire Predator Vision Alpha2
[v 1.3]
- Added ACE
- Added Open and Lock Spells 1.2
- Added Sustained Spells
- Fixed More Hotkeys Please SKSE BETA - Cycling Key
- Fixed Dawnguard Heal Undead
- Fixed Dawnguard Blood Potion
- Belua Sanguinare items.
[v 1.2]
- Will have some changes on the distribution of the spells and powers on next update. Hope you guys like it.
- Dragonbone Crossbow Mod
- Some Powers from Custom Races added, still have to try each of the races to see if i lost anything
- Contemplated Races: The Ashen Race HD,Temptress Race, The Dryad, Dwemer Race by SuperJesusVSkyrim, Drakian Race, Dremora Race Best Balanced, Forsworn Race by IronPlatypusSkyrim.
- Belua Sanguinare Revisited
- Better Vampires Fixed Night/Vampiric Vision lost power
- Dawnguard's Vampire Lord's Raise Dead Fixed
- Dwemer Goggles and Scouter Equipment Fixed - My thx to @nathanj
- UFO Command Shout lost Fixed
- Better Vampires, "Call Creatures" should be "Call Creature" - My thx to @Rizzo
- Better Vampires, "Sanguinarem Reddere" should be "Sanguinem Reddere" - My thx to @Rizzo
[v 1.1b]
- Add Khajiit Sense of Smell
- Add Bat Travel Vampire Power for Dawnguard DLC
[v 1.1]
- Add Better Vampires by Brehanin 5_4
- Add Unexpected Blades 1.3.1
[v 1.0]
- Categorized Favorites Menu - Oni Edition released.

It's what is already in STEP with even more added in, can't loose.

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Added the link to the main post, stupid I know.


I think the major mod compatibility adds the big mods like skyre and magic mods, but this one adds in dawnguard and a bunch of vampire mods plus a ton of custom races. Both are built on top of Extreme Compatibility config so it's about preference.


I started messing around with the .cfg last night and it's pretty easy to work with, so really anyone can modify their own to work with their own mod list. The whole thing all comes down to keywords or exact matches. I added a few to the sublists so LSB battlehammers and Immersive armors would be covered, and it only took me about 15 minutes once I saw what it was looking for.

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