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Oblivion Graphics Extender (by Timeslip, Scanti, ShadeMe and Ethatron)

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Oblivion Graphics Extender aka OBGE is a graphical tool that changes Oblivion's shaders similar to ENB for Skyrim.

The download repository is located here.


There is a lot that can be said about this mod.


OBGE has a few feature that are helpful to Oblivion because of the age.

  • Reflection resolution can be changed from vanilla (256) - 2k (2048
  • LOD bias on the textures.


OBGE is a core and requires extra shaders to take advantage of OBGE, here is a list of the packages.

  • Liquid water
    • Gives the water a much better appearance compared to most water mods on the nexus because they don't improve the shader, they only change the effects.
  • Physically Correct Sky
    • Make the sky in Oblivion appear like a real one rather than an obvious sky dome
  • Linear/Luminance HDR
  • Landscape LOD
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
    • Various parallax shaders
  • Skin
    • Gives skin a Subsurface Scattering look
  • Standalone Effects
    • Large group of various shaders

OBGE has an in game menu when using OBGE.esp from the Standalone Effects package.

The menu is a key called OBGEv3.1


This mod is already included in Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion WIP

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