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I finished with F&L last night and ran LOOT to sort my load order and created the bashed patch per instruction. I started my game up just a bit ago and now I get this error when I load my savegame: 

"There seems to be a problem with your Project Nevada installation because the HUD extensions were not detected"


Also, it looks as if the UI is larger than normal, not the darnified size.


Is there a way to revert back to my old load order, i.e. undo what LOOT has done?



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I don't think it is LOOT. You probably missed something during the installation of the UI sections. Also, make sure the INI tweaks were put in using the INI Editor in MO. The UI section is very touchy, so make sure to check the files in the Data/menus folder for these conditions:

  • hud_main_menu.xml is from OneHUD, if any other mod between PN and OneHUD has this file it needs to be hidden.
  • turtorial_menu.xml and start_menu.xml are from Project Nevada, if any mod after PN has these files they need to be hidden.
  • Make sure that the PN DarnUI files were extracted from the PN archive, the installer does not install them.

If you double click on one of the mods and go to the conflicts tab you will see what files overwrite and underwrite the mod you selected.

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It 's interesting, because everything worked fine until I applied LOOT's load order. All of the INI tweaks are there, via MO's utility, and all the conflicting files look to be hidden.


In-game, all of PN's features no longer exist (sprint, adjustable zoom, grenade hotkey, etc.)

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I use Quick Trade in my F&L load order. I just install it after The Recon Range Finder. However, with this mod you need to hide the hud_main_menu.xml. Then make sure Unified HUD detects it.


That is pretty much it. I have never run into problems with it.

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Quick Trade might be a UI mod. If it has to make use of Unified HUD then it has be installed during that section. I don't usually recommend for users to go and mess with that section, it will just leave you frustrated and angry.

Yes it is. My Easy to follow instructions for installing quick trade:


  • Install Advanced Recon Range Finder (following the Fear and Loathing guide of course)
  • Install Quick Trade
  • Click on quick trade, go to conflicts, hide the hud_main_menu.xml
  • Complete rest of HUD section installation
  • Make sure Quick Trade is loaded before Unified HUD Project and that it is selected in the box when installing UHP.


This is how I have been doing it for a while so if that does not work then you messed up somewhere.

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