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Project Parallax - Whiterun (by Osmodius)


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Is this mod compatible with RCRN?



Ofcourse, it's just meshes. And well since ENB is a requirement, yes ENB is compatible with RCRN if you use either the injector-version of ENB or use the proxy-library function to load RCRN's dll after renaming it.




And I wouldn't call it "uncompatible" with SMIM, there are just some meshes that won't be parallaxed if you put it as lower priority in the WB installer. Or if you overwrite SMIM's files it's the other way around.

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No it does not. You'll find ENB at www.enbdev.com. You don't need to overwrite the d3d9 file, as I mentioned you can use the proxy function within ENB to make them both load. Rename the old d3d9.dll from RCRN to anything you like, let's say rcrn_d3d9.dll. Then open enbseries.ini and on top of the document there's settings for proxy. Make sure both are set to true, and type in the filename you chose, and now they'll both load together.


Also try to familiarize yourself with the ini to disable things you don't want etc. If all you want is the parallax (and most likely the new improved shadows if you're using NVIDIA, no reason not to use them as they're excellent) then there's easy ways to set it up to only load tohse things, but there's another thread for that here on the forums. :)

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btw for a very vanilla-ish ENB to use with RCRN proxy, I recommend Enhanced Vanilla ENB. I disabled DoF though, and it's almost the same as vanilla and works great with RCRN. It has native parallax support too already enabled for these parallax mods


however, it still gives me a 3-5 fps drop just having ENB enabled but it's worth it for the shadow fixes and the parallax

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