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Daedric/Aedric artifacts mod thoughts

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So after playing around with some of the Daedric artifacts and Auriel's Bow I thought about it and kinda realized/mumbled to myself that I could make much better gear than the one that were given to you by gods. And while it's funny it feels like it beats the purpose of the legendary items you get; these are things that people search and fight for, weapons and armor that have gone through history and were made by gods.


So I'm kinda thinking of making a mod that improves all the Daedric and Auriel's items. I will say though that I don't have alot of experience using the CK but I think I have enough for what I would like to do. What I'd like is the STEP community's thoughts on what would be changed for each artifact (And possibly on how to do it, haha.), I've looked at other mod on the Nexus that do this and I like a couple of them but I figured I'd get as many opinions as possible.


Azura's/Black Star: No change. Can't really think of a way to improve either of them and it's great as it is.


Dawnbreaker: At max it's enchantment does 15 fire damage plus it's ability to cause the undead to explode and kill others near them or make them flee. The second is fine (I don't think I'd be able to change it anyway...) but I figure I'd ramp up the fire damage. Maybe to something like 50.


Ebony Blade: At the start is has a 10 Absorb Heath enchantment and at the end 30, with the enchantment increasing every 4 points when you do 2 kills from people you trust. I think having it at 25 at the start and increasing it by 15 points every two kill with a total of 100 Absorb Heath at the end. Lore wise it's a weapon that grows stronger when killing friends and people that trust you. I can't think of a way to apply that in-game, maybe extra damage to non hostile NPCS?


Ebony Mail: Everything else about it seems fine, the only thing I'd likely change is the 5 points poison damage per second to something higher. Since it's an active effect, similar to a cloak spell, I don't want to go crazy with it. Double it to 10 maybe or 15? 20 feels like too much but...


Hircine's Ring: Grants additional transformations to werewolf's and allows non-werewolf's to be able to turn into one without contracting Lycanthropy. At least that's with my game, it seems like that's the vanilla situation as well. Don't see a need to change it.


Mace of Molag Bal: It has a 25 Absorb Stamina and Magicka and a 3 second trap. Since Molag Bal is the creator of vampires I figure adding a Absorb Health to it makes sense along with moving the enchantments up to 50. The soul trap seems fine considering lore-wise again Molag Bal is the one who made soul gems possible.


Masque of Clavicus Vile: Prices being 20% better is pretty damn good so I think I'd leave that alone. +10 to Speechcraft and 5% Magicka regeneration not so much; +15-20 feels better and let's at least make 25% Magicka regeneration, maybe add a 0 to the 5 and make it 50%. Really, what's 5% Magicka regeneration going to give?


Mehrunes' Razor: In Skyrim is has a 1.98% to kill the target instantly, in Oblivion it had, based on the players Luck stat which Skyrim doesn't use, a maximum of 10%. It feels like a bit too much, maybe 5% would be better but at the same time it's a Daedric artifact...argh. It's also had a Disintegrate Armor effect in other games which again Skyrim doesn't have. However it could have an ignore armor effect like the Ghostblade.


Oghma Infinium: Gives you +5 to all the related skills from the 3 choices you choose from. Considering that it's Hermaeus Mora's artifact, he's the Demon of Knowledge, and the quest to get it is long and irritating I feel like going to +10 feel more appropriate. You are looking at the TES's Big Book of Everything after all.


Ring of Namira: Gives a flat 50 to Stamina when worn and when eating a corpse you gain 50 or your health pool and 50% health regen for 5 minutes. Maybe double all of them?


Rueful Axe: Not a Daedric artifact but it is involved with Clavicus Vile. Does 20 Stamina damage, but considering Clavicus Vile gave it to a person who wanted to 'cure' his daughter of Lycanthropy so maybe give it a stronger Silver weapon enchantment instead. Really, what does stamina damage have to do with any of the lore behind it?


Sanguine Rose: Not much to do with it, I guess increase how the summonable Dremora lasts? It's at a minute, maybe increase it to 3.


Savior's Hide: Another item I never got but not because it isn't useful, I just liked the Ring of Hircine way more. Magic resistance by 15% and poison resistance by 50%, useful all around. Maybe ramp up the magic resistance to 25%, poison seems fine.


Skeleton Key: Considering that you have to give it up to advance the quest associated with it you really can't keep it unless you don't ever finish that quest or use the console to get another one. An unbreakable lockpick is pretty useful...except that you can get a perk that does the same thing. It does have the ability to 'unlock' potential through what Mercer Frey showed, maybe an increase to everything across the board to show that? Like 100 to Health, Stamina, Magicka, and carry weight as well as something like +5 to all the skills.


Skull of Corruption: I will admit that I never used this even when I got the it. It feel fairly quirky compared to any other enchantment in the game and honestly I never liked doing the quest for such an item, even if Erandur wasn't even a good follower. Still, the only thing I could think of would be to increase the damage it does straight up and after it eats dreams. Maybe apply something like an effect to the people that get hit by it? Vaermina's realm is Quagmire, a place described as a 'constantly shifting nightmare realm'...sounds pleasant. Maybe apply a fear effect as well to targets from the horrid visions they get from it?


Spellbreaker: Never used again because I was always the sword and spell kinda guy but Spellbreaker seems quite useful. I would definitely want to increase the ward strength though, only 10 points more stronger than a Lesser Ward and 10 points less than a Steadfast Ward. This is something that stood up against Shalidor and gave him the idea of Shalidor's Mirror, it feels like it should be way more powerful than a 50 point ward. Double at least but I feel triple is more appropriate. I also hated the quest to get it...


Volendrung: The Absorb Stamina enchantment goes well when you consider power attacks with this. I feel like to should have something extra though, it is called the Hammer of Might. Give it a stagger effect or...would it be possible to apply a AOE stagger effect like when Giants smash their club into the ground? You do a straight forward power attack and it gives the appearance of you hitting the ground and staggering everyone near you. It is a huge hammer given the guard comments, haha.


Wabbajack: Yeah, I'm not touching this stick of crazy. Wabbajack, Wabbajack, Wabbajack, Wabbajack...


Auriel's Bow: This is a weapon directly used and carried by the main Aedric god, not to mention it's based on an entire questline. 20 points of sun damage and undead take triple that. I propose moving it to 50 points, you are drawing power from Aetherius/the sun itself to use this thing. And a little off topic, but does anyone know how much damage the AOE effect of Sunhallowed Arrows do? See if that modable.


Auriel's Shield: Has a couple different effect though out the TES series, didn't know about that. Still the enchantment is has seems pretty useful, find out if it's possible to reduce the amount of hits it requires to charge up? I can't think of another way to make it better.


Wow, this is my longest post yet. Possibly the longest post that I've ever done honestly, I surprised myself here. Soooo yeah, I'm open to ideas and suggestions here. Or do you guys feel that there's enough of these kinds of mods around? Haha, I'm hoping I put it in the right forum actually.




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Huh, never thought of that for Dawnbreaker. In all honesty though I mostly use the Daedric/Aedric artifacts to look good on plaques, haha. But I figure that buffing them up would give a reason to use them rather than looking pretty.


Another thing I'm thinking about adding to the ones that require soul gems to recharge is to get rid of that, kinda of like using power from the Daedric/Aedric realm sort of thing. Again, I'm open to ideas.

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So after playing around with some of the Daedric artifacts and Auriel's Bow I thought about it and kinda realized/mumbled to myself that I could make much better gear than the one that were given to you by gods. And while it's funny it feels like it beats the purpose of the legendary items you get; these are things that people search and fight for, weapons and armor that have gone through history and were made by gods.

I think one of the recurring themes of the Elder Scrolls games is that the PC quests to become a being of near godlike power. In Morrowind the Nerevarine kills at least one God and (depending on how you play the game) is capable of leaping from one end of the map to the other in a single bound and similar godlike feats. The Champion of Cyrodil defeats Umaril the Unfeathered and Jyggalag and before assuming the mantle of Sheogorath. Even the Dragonborn, possibly the least powerful of TES protagonists[1], manages to defeat Alduin World-Eater, a feat worthy of legend.


I have no problem with any of these people being able to forge a better blade than many of the gods :)


[1] I've not played Arena or Daggerfall however, so I may be wrong.

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