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  1. OK, thanks for that. I'll see if I can make Skylight friendly versions of my current ISMs
  2. mmm... OK. That's very helpful thanks. So, just to be sure I understand you: imagespace modifiers will work, it's just that I need to use brightness as the variable. (Everything I know about imagespace modifiers comes from "what does this button do?" so I've been a bit ad-hoc with my modifiers). And if I wanted a blood-red effect, I can get that from tint, I'm guessing. Blur should work, since I had a blur effect get stuck a while back, and I saw it without disabling anything. Double vision the same I'm guessing. Is that about right? I think that covers everything I'd want to do with the player's vision.
  3. I'm using Skylight, very happy with it. Nice ENB However, I recently got back into modding. I have a scene where the PC is drugged; the game fades to black and when it fades back up the location has changed ... as have a few other things I'd best not go into here. The thing is, if I have Skylight active the imagespace modifiers don't appear. I just get a normal screen. Disable ENB and it all works like a charm. So the questions are: Is this a Skylight thing or an ENB thing generally? Is there anything I can do as a modder to make my mod ENB/Skylight friendly?I'm not worried on my own account - I just want to understand the issue and if possible make my mod a little more robust.
  4. Currently I'm more than half way tempted to hack on the LOOT source and make a command line only version. It would better fit my workflow when I'm modding. Anyone interested if I do?
  5. You mean this bit? The script compiler does not work in Mod Organizer, because it is a 64-bit application. To compile scripts, you will have to temporarily move the scripts to the data directory....NOTE: Compiling scripts in the Creation Kit under MO is not possible as the script compiler is a 64bit application, which Mod Organizer does not support at this time. The following is a workaround.Only, like I said above, I'm not running a 64 bit system, and even if I was I'm not trying to compile under CK. Did I miss something?
  6. Forgive the bump, but I'm still stuck on this one. I've been working using a Wrye Bash maintaned version of the data fodler. That works well enough, but I'd really like to use MO. I can solve the compile problem by editing and compiling from a command window (which is pretty much my preference anyway to be honest. The trouble I have is that I can't set script properties. I start CK, load my mod, choose the main quest, go to the scripts tab and choose edit properties, and this happens. Also I can't edit script or compile them, but I'm not worried about that. For the record: the script does exist and it shows up in the data tab in MO. I can't think why I shouldn't be able to do this, but I can't. Anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong? Running v1.2.9
  7. I might have to. I'd re-install the O/S but I don't have a working CD drive right now either. Oh well, all part of life's rich wossname, I suppose...
  8. Wellp, I just got the dreaded 0x800f0a12 error. I can't install Sp1 for Win7. And without SP1 no IE update and without IE, no working LOOT. I've spent the best part of a day googling how to fix the damn problem and short of wiping my Linux partition (not going to happen) I don't know what else to try. *sigh* How badly broken is BOSS these days, anyway?
  9. It certainly did capture the spirit of the original! I could wish the boss fights were a little less heavy handed (more sniping from ventilation ducts, less running round and round in a big locked room) and I really didn't like that one ambush where you needed a certain sort of character build to have a snowball's chance of saving your colleague's life. The thing that killed it for me though were the brutal load times. I was afraid to get killed because I didn't want to wait for the game to load again. And a lot of the fun of DX is poking your nose in where you shouldn't and seeing if it gets shot off. I'd say it was miles better than Invisible War, but that really is damning it with faint praise :)
  10. Me neither. Did someone use the word "forced" in another thread? I can't find it anywhere on this one. I'll admit to feeling pestered on occasion, and I could do without the extra noise and distraction in the popup. On the whole though, I like to think of that less as "angst" and more as "expressing a preference".
  11. Oh well. I suppose the good news is I can stop trying to re-install SkyUI now at any rate. Anyone have any suggestions for a suitable version to downgrade to? Never mind - didn't read the whole of TheBloke's post
  12. Thank you for clarifying that. I didn't get a chance to read the message at the time and currently I'm at work and so can't repeat the exercise. I hesitate to say this, but you seem to find my contributions tiresome. I'll be quite happy to shut up if I'm being a nuisance.
  13. Ah, you know how it is. You get so used to clicking "ok" that you sometimes dismiss a box before your brain catches up and says "hang on, that was important". I did get the gist of it though, and if I'd been intending to make a formal bug report, I'd have repeated the installation and given exact text. That aside, it raises a couple of points: Firstly, CBBE reinstalled (without any reported error) using the downgrade. Do I take it that the 1.2.6 version would also have installed despite the reported errors? Or at least installed as well as NMM would have done it? Secondly, it might be helpful to give a bit of context to those errors, just so we can tell the difference between NCC not working and a bug in the mod's install script. Something like "The install script for this mod has reported an error - the mod may not be correctly installed". (Apologies if it already says that; I didn't see anything of that nature, but like I say I didn't get much chance to read it carefully).
  14. you could try resurrecting the cowering actors. I mean without killing them first. I think it's also possible to force an idle from the console, but I can never remember how to do that.
  15. The mod was CBBE. I don't have the exact error, but it ran through the forms and then complained of not finding files inside the archive when it tried to do the installation. Worked fine after the downgrade. In case it's relevant, I did just unpack 1.2.6 archive over the existing install.
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