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[plugin] Skyrim Search Plugin (by qbx2)

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Discussion thread:

Skyrim Search Plugin by qbx2

Wiki Link

Useful tool for modders! Helps you find stuff ingame. Nice addition to STATUS imo. It incorporates all data from your loaded esp/esm list.


Video and pictures say more than words here:









This plugin enables to search informations about CELL/NPC/QUEST via console commands.

(including CELL COC Codes, NPC RefID, QUEST Stages)

Also, this plugin SUPPORTS ALL mods.


If you don't want this plugin to parse some mods when you update db, just disable that mods temporarily(updater parses only active plugins) and execute data/skse/plugins/skyrimsearch_dbupdater.exe (or type 'searchupdatedb' in console). If done, you can enable mods that you disabled temporaily. Executing dbupdater is exactly same to type 'searchupdatedb' in console.


You can see help messages by typing 'searchhelp' in console.

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If I choose manual DL Kaspersky deletes the file.

If I DL w/manager and then forces Kasp to scan it doesn't report anything.

I should be a false positive.

AVs don't like direct DL with .exe files.


Guess I'll give it a try

Thanks for the wiki instructions

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It's no use

Even if I temporary disable AV to download the file then

Kaspersky always prompts the dll as malware (trojan)

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