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Immersive Spells and Stuff - Spells Emit Light


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The RLO team has a plugin for illuminated spells; however, have discoutinued it due to being buggy to the point they couldn't (or didn't have the time) to work it out.


Due to the buggy nature of the Illuminated Spells plugin, this will now be an optional feature and a separate download. I would personally discontinue it, but some people out there DO like it regardless of bugs. I personally don't use it at all.

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I agree RLO guys found it difficult with their implementation, this mod has a different implementation. I've tested in game and it's actually really well done but I have not checked my papyrus logs or long term effects.


Edit: Papyrus logs are clean after a 10 minute run casting spells all over. Would definitely suggest at least trying it out, going to keep it in my game for now and see how it fares over time.

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The problem with this kind of mod is that moving light sources has to cast shadows not too look like meh.


This requires increased CPU time to calculate the shadows.

Also when you have more light sources moving at once it just gets more complex. Ultimately it comes down to an aged engine. Afaik then the newer unreal and cryengines do not have this issue since they are much more optimized.

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Author says his implementation simply uses spawned torch lights in (currently) 7 different colors depending on the spell. Spell in hand = torch on. No spell = torch off. By the sounds of it, the author made is as if you're carrying a torch 24/7 and it's triggered on/off via script. If that's true then this script will be "attached" to your character as long as it's installed. But I suppose a good deal of scripts do the same.

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Hope the powers that be don't get too mad for the necro.

I use spells cast light for a long time, works great and I've had no issues, what's the difference?

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For one, it's a realism/immersion thing. I have fire in my hands, why does everything around me still look pitch black? It is a nice effect to be casting flames and have the ground underneath the line of fire light up. It's nice to spot NPCs in the dark due to their spells, and have the player have the same penalty for having spells out. At least with vanilla spells, the light is very harsh and there is no easy way to toggle it on or off.


The problem with Immersive Spells and Light is that the light comes from the ground, not the hands. The problem with Spells Give Off Light is that it can cause serious shadow problems (so I'm assuming it can tax the engine with shadows) and do not affect fire/ice/electric hazard or decals.


Right now it looks like there may be no perfect solution here. One guy in the comments said he found a mod that "fixes meshes" so that the light originates from the hands, not the ground, but refused to give links and forgot the name of it. 

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If all the script is doing is turning a light bulb on/off, then changing the bulb to a non-shadow casting bulb should be fairly easy to do. That should fix any shadow related issues at the cost of a little realism. Authors have to be very careful about using shadow casting bulbs due to engine limitations. There can be only three of these bulbs within a certain distance before issues start cropping up.

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