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Dragonborn - The Movie (On Youtube)

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This video is preeetty cool. Rather "usual" picks for character, biography and quest decisions though.

Dragonborn, the old hero of the nords, is most probably a nord himself or at least has nord ancestors, his looks are quite close to Aragorn - one of the most popular men in the modern fantasy. Going with Ralof rather than Hadvar seems sensible if one keeps in mind, that Hadvar had just a couple of minutes before sent him to his death, without much more than a slight notion of pitty. Also the dragonborn seems capable of defending himself, so he might wish to not even join Ralof to Riverwood and instead make his own way into Skyrim to his former destination-which would be a lot more interesting, as the dragonborn gets his own background story. But of course, story writing is pretty hard, especially for a video game with as many options as Skyrim provides. Many people would be disappointed, and probably many are already (because the pc is a nord, because he went with Ralof, etc.).


Still I'm eager to see, whether the dragonborn gets a name or not, or whether he is going to enter the civil war and if so, on which side.

If I had my will, I'ld say that he goes through the main story line, at least until the thalmor embassy, discovers their plans to keep Skyrim in a civil war and then sides with the imperials for the "greater good". I mean, he is a nord of course, but he has come from cyrodill, so he probably has come around quite a distance and has gathered what danger the Thalmor pose to any other faction (or race by the way) in Tamriel. Also, I don't like to play or think as a racist, and the stormcloaks are somewhat racist.

It seems to me as if the creator of this video is working only by himself, which is really astonishing. I hope he gets the due respect and support for a project as big as this one.

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