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Metal Cage HD


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Metal Cage HD is (currently) a 4096 texture replacer for the Vanilla box cages that you see in places like the escape from Helgen. It is produced by skunky123 who is the mod author of  Realistic Mushrooms which is already in STEP. He has also produced HD replacers for the torture rack, Forsworn tents, practice dummies and even the Telvanni Mushroom in the DG expansion.


The author has been asked to produce a 2048 and 1024 version of the mod but has not yet replied.


Once the medium and low detail versions are offered, this would be an excellent addition to the Textures section of STEP.

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Usually, it's the other way around for texture compares, so next time, put the new texture on the right and the vanilla on the left.


Can't say if either is better. Metal looks a lot more rusty - perhaps it fits better in the setting where you find it?

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Here is a comparison set taken in Helgen Keep:

(Basic Skyrim setup only: Skyrim, DG, Hearthfires, HRDLC's and Unofficial patches)

Vanilla - Langleys - Metal Cage HD


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Loading the CK with Langleys Wood Metal and Stone Textures Workshop, however, exposed a possible problem with the smeltermarker.nif, lots of warnings. I don't know how it compares to the one included in USKP but that is probably best keep to another thread.

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I guess it just comes down to personal taste. From a quality perspective, both Langleys and the HD look good, the HD looking more aged and rusted.


It boils down to nitpicking, a rusty cage with hinges rusted to that extent would be nigh unreliable and horribly loud. You'd expect a different, louder screeching sound from it.


Langleys is pretty cool, but in comparison to vanilla or HD, it looks well maintained, pristine..actually makes me wonder what material the cage is made of..Like I said, taste and nitpicking.

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In active prisons with guards etc. you would expect the cages to be maintained (Langleys), but in older ruins or bandit infested dungeons they would perhaps be far more rusted and decrepit (Cages HD). Vanilla sits in the middle.


This mod CHD does look as though it is a re-colour of vanilla - I agree.



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