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Completionist - Skyrim Completion Tracker (NG)


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Completionist - Skyrim Completion Tracker (NG) by K1ngTr4cker
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Mod that gives you an MCM wher you can follow quests and items. Makes Skyrim feel like a more modern game. And really makes you wanna keep playing (until you are back adding more mods instead ofc).

Includes all DLC and AE also have support for many known mods.

(STEP includes all prerequisits for this mod and with CoMap it adds very nice fishing icons)

Relates to Dear Diary mod also in testing


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Mod updated on Nexus.

  • Version

    • /Release: 19/11/2023
    • Added a configurable MCM counter for the blades radiant quests.
    • Added error handling and checks for 'Yes I'm Sure' - that mods feature for disabling the disenchanting confirmation message is completely incompatible with Completionist and will result in a CTD when attempting to disenchant items. To combat this, Completionist will automatically disable real time tracking for enchantments while that particular 'Yes I'm Sure' setting is enabled, The setting can be easily disabled by turning it off in the 'Yes I'm Sure' .toml file.
    • Fixed completion log duplicating book read events.
    • Tracked locations now have their cleared status displayed in the MCM.
    • Removed tracking for the 'Fortify Lockpicking' enchantment when Thaumaturgy is installed
    • Quest completion is now monitored in real-time (event based so no overhead) and quests will now also appear in the completion log.
    • Quest pages now load and refresh considerably quicker due to an overhaul of the MCM API.
    • Completion Log Dates will now be retrieved in order. (This was an oversight when choosing std::unordered_map as the serialized container)
    • Created a new INI wrapper and patched quest framework which adds support for custom quest tracking through ini files. Documentation can be found within the dev kit in the FOMOD.
    • Created a new polymorphed data structure designed to log and serialize how many times quests have been completed, this will replace the existing method of using Global Variables created in the CK
    • Fixed notification spam from discovered patch locations when opening the map menu
    • Civil War quest tracking is now performed solely in the DLL. The old system used 50 - 50 DLL and Papyrus due to a non reverse engineered member function in <BGS::LocAlias> I now have a workaround for this and as such the quest tracking for the Civil War performs as reliably as the rest of the mod.
    • Fixed a localisation error when fetching the weapon enchantments page name in search results.
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Another small update on Nexus

  • Version

    • Updated to fix a crash due to Vortex's trashy file staging... The proper fix should really be USE MO2.
    • Finished implementing the 'Ignore Completed Entries' setting for MCM searching which apparently I forgot about
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