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PrivateProfileRedirector SE (by Karandra)


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PrivateProfileRedirector SE - Faster game start (INI file cacher) by Karandra
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Edit: Not recommended nor useful for most load orders, especially STEP, which already include a different optimization via SSE Display Tweaks, but practically as effective as this. Please skip or refer to posts below for more details.


Same as PrivateProfileRedirector F4 (by Karandra) but for SSE.

SKSE plugin that speeds up game start by caching INI configuration entry lookups that the engine performs at startup for each and every plugin in the load order (whether the plugin has an associated INI file or not). The larger the load order, the greater the speed up. Probably not very significant with a standard STEP loadout. Still useful, especially for users who start the game often and spend more time modding the game than playing it.

Note: Not compatible with GOG version as of this writing.

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There have been several reported cases with this mod where certain INI files don't play nicely with it, typically INI files used by ENB or other INI files used by injectors not native to the game. This is likely because the INI implementation can sometimes vary.

SSE Display Tweaks contains the most compatible fix for this:

## Disables scanning missing plugin .ini files. May significantly improve startup times with many plugins.
#  By default the engine looks for every single .ini option for each installed plugin, without checking
#  if the .ini file actually exists. Massive waste of time and resources, especially when the user has a
#  heavily modded game.
#  Note: This is unrelated to the PrivateProfileRedirector plugin and is fully compatible with it. If you
#        use it alongside that plugin the difference won't be felt, but it still prevents the CPU from doing
#        a bunch of useless work at startup.

As noted, you can still use this mod with the SSE Display Tweaks Fix, but you might not feel the need for it in that case.

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22 hours ago, DoubleYou said:

As noted, you can still use this mod with the SSE Display Tweaks Fix, but you might not feel the need for it in that case.

Thanks DY. I don't think it's still useful with SSE Display Tweaks Fix, I mean this one still speeds up INI lookup for mods that do have an INI file, but they're typically very few compared to total number of mods in load order. I can't say I've encountered any issue with it, but if it does cause issues in some cases, there's really no good reason to recommend it.

I started using this mod even though I already had the fix from SSE Display Tweaks since forever, because I completely forgot about the SSE Display Tweaks fix. That's what happens when juggling too many mods and trying (and failing) to keep track of all of them. It's my own fault, but I wish mods like SSE Display Tweaks would just stick to a single focused purpose rather than including various completely unrelated features buried in configuration files...

I'm amending the OP to reflect your correction.

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