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Lightweight Lighting - A weather and interior lighting overhaul (by SpringHeelJon)


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  • 4 months later...

The recent changes are quite good in the update. Some general notes:

  • Nights and interiors are extremely dark. Most lights have been cut in half. You are going to need to use that flashlight a lot.
  • Latest update forwards many of the exterior fog changes from Clarity, so that no longer needs much, if any, related patching.
  • I feel like most of the time, I have nice, sunny weather. I'm not so sure this is how vanilla is. I thought I remembered more bad weather in vanilla. I have experienced some rain, but not really anything huge. I'm considering that we may want to add True Storms on top of this.
  • One thing this mod does is remove a large portion of the Rad Storms that are inherent to the game. I am level 18, and have never seen a single Rad Storm, as advertised. I feel that this may be too significant of a stylistic change, so we may want to tweak this if we include it. True Storms may also help with this.
  • Only glitch I've really seen, which may or may not be due to my own xEdit patching or the other mods in testing, was at the entrance to Diamond City where Mayor McDonough greets you. Depending on where you are standing or the angle, the scene flashes between dark and not dark. Not sure what is causing this at this point.

A proper compare with pictures will be necessary for us to get a better feel for the specific changes.

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  • 7 months later...

Marked as Accepted for current dev 1.0 guide. Main feature is making the nights much darker. I have made changes via the dev Step Patches that help improve the some of the items that I disagreed with, such as the removal of radstorms, while integrating compatibility with the True Storms additional weathers.

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