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Shrines of the Divines UD SE (by Tall-n-Mighty)


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Shrines of the Divines UD SE by Tall-n-Mighty
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I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel now. I chose 2k options in the fomod for all options. Compares:

Vanilla --> Shrines of the Divines UD SE --> Ren's HD Shrines --> JS Shrines of the Divines SE

vanilla 1.jpgsod 1.jpgren 1.jpgjs 1.jpg 


vanilla 2.jpgsod 2.jpgren 2.jpgjs 2.jpg 


This mod is a simple texture upscale just to remove the blurriness of the original textures. Since Ren's HD Shrines and JS Shrines both take significant artistic liberties in redesigning the mesh, this may be a more welcome variant as far as the Mandate is concerned.

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