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Real-time Dragon Fast Travel - Dragonborn (by Keldis)


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Real-time Dragon Fast Travel - Dragonborn by Keldis

Like the name says, it allows you to actually see the dragon fly to its destination (and enjoy the ride), as opposed to 'fade to black, appear at destination'.
There are two versions: normal (you have to use 'Bend Will' on a dragon you encounter) or with a spell that summons a dragon.

It requires Dragonborn (obviously).

Nexus link:

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Is anyone else using this? I think it adds a depth to dragon riding rather than the 'dragon circles around area' that Bethesda put in Skyrim. Actually flying via fast-travel really adds to the feeling of control, just wish we could've gotten the same when Odahviing dropped us off at Skuldafn.

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Is this stable? It's not really a mod so much as two ini tweaks. The esp file for the basic version is empty. This post claims that bFlyingMountFastTravelCruiseEnabled=1 causes three shouts to stop functioning. Have you experienced this, geoffreyvanvugt? I'm curious, as this does sound interesting. Doubly curious, as I don't even need a mod, just two INI tweaks. (bFlyingMountFastTravelCruiseEnabled=1 in [General], bAllowDragonFlightLocationDiscovery=1 in [Gameplay]).


I'm finding surprisingly little information on these INI tweaks (outside of this mod).

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