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How do I move the game to another PC?


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Hello there, Just finished installing STEP for Skyrim SE, Everything looks great and smooth.
I've one question thou, my brother has the same game but without any of these mods installed on his PC.
is it possible that i just copy the "modding" folder and "skyrim SE" folder to his PC and it'll work just as it works on mine? or is there another way?

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If you're using MO in portable, then you can just take the entire MO folder and move it to the other PC. Paths and stuff should match to make things easier, else you may have to update some paths for tools, game, etc.

If you installed using Instance, like we recommend, then you should just be able to take your profile folder and move that to the other PC after you've installed MO on that PC separately. Still, you may have to adjust paths, etc.

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