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  1. Hey there boys, so i finished setting up the STEP guide yesterday, but i wanted to use the Lanterns of skyrim II instead of I, is there a way to do that without any conflicts so i can use the step patches? also, what would happen if i chose to not use the step patches?
  2. Hey everybody, i ran into an issue that i was hoping someone would help me with. last night when i was installing my mods from STEP 2.0.0 Guide, my PC accidentally turned off and on again, after it turned back on and i went to open MO2 i found all my mods rearranged alphabetically into the last separator, and all of them were unticked. as seen in the screenshots. Is there a way to revert this and not go through the menace of rearranging all of the 310 mods into their separators? Thanks.
  3. Good Evening everyone, So i've been playing for quite a while without ENB but now i've decided to try it out and see how it goes but i've a few questions and i hope someone would be able to help. 1. Do i need to Run LOD after installing ENB? 2. Do i need to re-enable (TEMP) - SSE Terrain - Tamriel - xLODGen and (TEMP) - Cathedral Landscapes before running DynDoLOD for the second time? 3. Do i need to run all the LOD generators or just DynDoLOD? sorry for my noob questions and thanks in advance. Regards.
  4. Hello there, Just finished installing STEP for Skyrim SE, Everything looks great and smooth. I've one question thou, my brother has the same game but without any of these mods installed on his PC. is it possible that i just copy the "modding" folder and "skyrim SE" folder to his PC and it'll work just as it works on mine? or is there another way?
  5. Got it, thanks a ton for the help guys, and of course for this extraordinary guide.
  6. Hello, I've installed the files as shown in the attachment, but the problem is I saw in the extra notes " when asked to merge select yes " but it never asked me to merge and it installed them in the following way, is this wrong? if yes how can i correct it? the mods in question are Unofficial High Definition Audio Project and Skyrim Realistic Overhaul thanks in advance.
  7. Hello guys, first post here just started installing the patch looking forward to it. I just wanted to know whether i should install parts 1 AND 3 only from SRO or should i install parts 1,2 and 3? because that 1-3 thing kinda made me confused.
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