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I know I am doing something wrong but I have not been able to identify it. I added the 3 lines into the custom.ini, not the prefs. I manually installed to ensure all was done correctly. I use MO typically. I am attaching screenshots of the area where I used the troubleshoot part of the mod to ensure I had all the right files. CBBE and Body slide are all I have installed at this time. 





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Im sorry you havent had much help to date. 

It is a little hard to tell what your problem is.  You may have solved the issue already, but fully explaining yourself would allow even amateurs like me to comment.

For instance, are you using Mod Organizer (MO), or Mod Organizer 2 (MO2)?  Did you alter a file called "custom.ini", or is the full name "FalloutCustom.ini"?  Perhaps you believe your pictures illustrate your point sufficiently, but I personally can not see what it is I am supposed to see, if that is where I am supposed to look, if you see my point ;|

But most importantly, what exactly is the problem you are asking for help with? 

Cheers mate.

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