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  1. Here is the skeleton I would like to use: anonymous_skeleton_xc_0.4b.rar If anyone could test this for me, I would appreciate it.
  2. Yes, that's the one. It's because mods often develop as groups. That is, groups of mods develop, even though often different people have made each mod, their relationships cause clumping, which a guide can exploit. Modules makes sense, I think, because this structure is inherent to the original material, meaning the library of all available mods. On what grounds do you advise against this? I should have a full example for illustration. But yes, though I would like to and intend to use as much of the methods and flows built in to the site as possible, 'modules' will probably demand a level of flexibility from that infrastructure not available, except as you say simply by writing it in to the guide. Which is fine. There are other goals. I'm having trouble putting images in, for example. But let's keep following this Mod Module issue: Probably the best thing I can do for that is to use this thread to show off a good example of what it is, and then the question will be: "How best to do this?". ----- I've read everything you've pointed me too, and more. Please do point out more.
  3. Thanks for the thread My very own thread. Oh happy day! Happy day, indeed! ----- Fallout 4 is more modular than earlier engine versions. Modules were always possible, but never quite seemed to work, and Von Neumanns Catastrophe began to set in. I get the feeling they, modules, could really work in FO4. So, that is one goal of this guide. There are others. Some goals are nested within other goals. Their ordinal relationships are fraught, you see. So, they can not simply be listed. AAF and Sim Settlements 2, are the starting choices. Another goal, one really in the house style, is to embed new objects in the game, always. Also, no crafting station anomolies, like clothes being made at a chemistry station. Yuk. Yet another is a low total overhead, and 150ish plugin cap. Anyways, that's all in the guide itself. Which brings us back to modules. "What are modules?", you ask... I'll be back with skeleton stuff, and the Liveley's weapon module, as I see it, for illustration. Note that there's hardly even any guide there for the nonce, so be advised: **WIP** edit: oh and to have some fun at this. That is a goal. The whole trend of games turning in to work is absolutely and categorically rejected. Sorry, Keeners
  4. *ding, ding* "A new participant has entered the conversation." Look at you guys go. I saw my username was mentioned, but the matter has already been settled. ----- @Majorman If you are editing the original F&L guide, please do. That is what wiki's are for. It is a great guide, though I found the "Wasteland Edition" fork more involving. @MonoAccipiter even had a special plugin "in the works" to make slot machines and other gambling tables functional and connected across the whole world-space. I kinda forget the details, but it was a very cool idea, like a "way-beyond Caravan Expansion" plugin., Considering the setting, its strange to think that no mod has yet done such a thing, afaik. (Incidentally, I may have copy of said prototype plugin available...somewhere...maybe) In any case, depending on how much work Majorman intends to put in to this, he should probably make a serious decision whether or not to make a new fork of the original F&L guide. @Majorman, if you keep editing the original, it is still not your guide... there is a question of authorship here... I mean, no-one is likely to harass you about it... at this time anyways... but are you going to change the author's credits? Or any of the original core ideas? Even just migrating the old "user:EssArrBee etc." guide to the new infrastructure, or format, or style, strictly following the original guide's intent, sounds like a pretty big job. If you start editing text and instructions and so forth, or have a new mod list, as its been like 5 years, then I think a fork is a better idea. I mean, it is going to be really different, isn't it? ----- In any case, I don't want to put you off, I really don't.... But please be aware that however dry the subject matter, and regardless of how thoroughly shared and permissions are given, when editing a guide or mod page, you are changing another person's personal creation. It is important to the whole idea of this place that your edits are an improvement not just in your own opinion, but in the understood idea of the other authors involved in said page or guide. There is a kind of an objective test here, Please be careful. ----- Pedantry aside, Im a pretty big noob myself. @z929669 I did see your discuss edit just now, and I would love to use the infrastructure available, even if it's for an 'unofficial' guide. So as not to deflect this thread, I'll write you back over there... if it comes to that. I'm a little worried about the STEP ModGroups categories constricting or conflicting with my guide's structure, which is also comprised of categories and sections, and I like my categories and sections. thanks a ton for everything it just keeps coming yay. kay peace out.
  5. This is good advice, thank you. It almost certainly is a pathing issue, and I although I could try to track down the obsolete entries, I might just as well re-initialize the game and start from a fresh install. I havent done that yet, so Im not sure how much of the whole modded build I will be able to save. alas The game was moved manually from one drive to another about a year ago. I know this is not advised, but I had new storage to organize, so I did it anyways, and things seemed fine at first. Thats the odd part: Because the xEdit files were in the game folder (erroneously?), the whole build continued to function despite being borked. So, xEdit relies on information created by the initial launch of the vanilla launcher, and moving the game mid-build most likely was what caused the issue.
  6. Im sorry you havent had much help to date. It is a little hard to tell what your problem is. You may have solved the issue already, but fully explaining yourself would allow even amateurs like me to comment. For instance, are you using Mod Organizer (MO), or Mod Organizer 2 (MO2)? Did you alter a file called "custom.ini", or is the full name "FalloutCustom.ini"? Perhaps you believe your pictures illustrate your point sufficiently, but I personally can not see what it is I am supposed to see, if that is where I am supposed to look, if you see my point ;| But most importantly, what exactly is the problem you are asking for help with? Cheers mate.
  7. It looks like an important improvement in one of the more complex parts of the game to mod: where behaviour and appearance intersect. -Required for FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons, allowing for races to have more distinct forms, nice. -improved Nemesis compatibility, it says. Nice. -Author is affiliated with a guide website, nice again.
  8. Apparently Buffout 4 also deprecates Faster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix), as the FPS Fix author Antonix35 says. edit: Furtherly apparent, Private Profile Redirector F4 - Faster Start Games (INI File Cacher) is contraindicated by the Advanced Animation Framework guide author Saya_Scarlett (LL link). Under "Skip/Scrap these Patches (Incompatibilities)" she says: Private Profile Redirector F4 - Faster Game Start (INI File Cacher) [Royally <bleep>s with INI files. Avoid like the <bleeping> plague.]
  9. @z929669 Thanks for the tips and information. Yes, I would like to have it hosted on STEP. I'm not the sort of user to finish it quickly though. Whats worse, the last time I loaded in to the game it clocked like 17fps, running only the stuff I mentioned above, which means I will have to consider the hardware component more seriously. I can still write it, but It will be hard to test a guide for mistakes and conflicts with such poor base performance.
  10. It is not a Steam copy. That is a deliberate choice. Is there a specific reason- such as a check with no other purpose except to determine if the install is managed by Steam, and then to crash the tool if the check fails- which would cause SSEEdit to fail for that reason? I would very much like to know if there is. Otherwise everything is in order. There are no plugins, installed or active. MO2 is up to date and has just updated to 2.4.0. I've noticed now... SSEEdit is actually creating a folder in a different location, a former location of the game. Its a dummy 'Skyrim SE' folder, and then it tries to load from the 'data' folder inside that.
  11. ...I did just delete the default profile in MO2. But I believe it still worked right after I did that. ----- Thanks for the offer. Here we go: I use "D:\Bethesda\SkyrimSE\The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - Special Edition" for the Game location; MO2 is at \Bethesda\SkyrimSE\mo_base (in portable mode); SSEEdit is at \SkyrimSE\tools_SE\SSEEdit_4.0.3. ...But I think its probably important to repeat that I *used to* have the "SSEEDit_4.0.3" folder *inside* the games folder, and that I just moved it, and that was when it stopped working. I dont know why I put it there in the first place, about two months ago. Lexys guide doesnt give instructions for installing this tool, but a few days ago I started working through the guide again, noticed something, and watched the GamerPoets video on xEdit installation, where he says, specifically, "Dont put it in the games folder"... so I moved it. Strange that it should work when I did the wrong thing, and then break when I correct it.
  12. Perhaps I am seeing a similar thing, a launch failure for SSEEditt, apparently due to the same document being empty. SSEEdit returns the error "There are no module in the Data folder", whether launched directly from the .exe, or in MO2. The log stops at the Plugins.txt entry: "Loading active plugin list: C:\Users\{me}\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\Plugins.txt". Oddly enough, it was just working before, but I had placed the SSEEdit in the game install folder and moved it when I determined that was wrong. Ive confirmed the plugins.txt is blank. This is while following the LOTD guide. I'll keep poking around.
  13. from the fire, born anew.
  14. Hello. Im trying to put together a Fallout 4 guide, and I have some questions. Im looking at these seven F4SE doo-dads, and I'd like to know if they're recommended: xSE PluginPreloader F4 (manual install) PrivateProfileRedirector F4 - Faster game start (INI file cacher) Address Library for F4SE Plugins Baka ScrapHeap-Script Memory Limit Expander Buffout 4 Auto Gamepad Switch and... Canary Save File Monitor ----- They all seem to have tangible benefits. But they also may be difficult to use. Are they stable, or necessary, or effective? Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated. -thx.
  15. Bump. It seems Im bringing quite a few older FO4 threads back to life these days. My apologies if this is offends. Here i am, about 18 months after the post above, and I have much the same impression and the same question, about enb .inis for Fallout 4.
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