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  1. It looks like an important improvement in one of the more complex parts of the game to mod: where behaviour and appearance intersect. -Required for FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons, allowing for races to have more distinct forms, nice. -improved Nemesis compatibility, it says. Nice. -Author is affiliated with a guide website, nice again.
  2. Apparently Buffout 4 also deprecates Faster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix), as the FPS Fix author Antonix35 says. edit: Furtherly apparent, Private Profile Redirector F4 - Faster Start Games (INI File Cacher) is contraindicated by the Advanced Animation Framework guide author Saya_Scarlett (LL link). Under "Skip/Scrap these Patches (Incompatibilities)" she says: Private Profile Redirector F4 - Faster Game Start (INI File Cacher) [Royally <bleep>s with INI files. Avoid like the <bleeping> plague.]
  3. @z929669 Thanks for the tips and information. Yes, I would like to have it hosted on STEP. I'm not the sort of user to finish it quickly though. Whats worse, the last time I loaded in to the game it clocked like 17fps, running only the stuff I mentioned above, which means I will have to consider the hardware component more seriously. I can still write it, but It will be hard to test a guide for mistakes and conflicts with such poor base performance.
  4. It is not a Steam copy. That is a deliberate choice. Is there a specific reason- such as a check with no other purpose except to determine if the install is managed by Steam, and then to crash the tool if the check fails- which would cause SSEEdit to fail for that reason? I would very much like to know if there is. Otherwise everything is in order. There are no plugins, installed or active. MO2 is up to date and has just updated to 2.4.0. I've noticed now... SSEEdit is actually creating a folder in a different location, a former location of the game. Its a dummy 'Skyrim SE' folder, and then it tries to load from the 'data' folder inside that.
  5. ...I did just delete the default profile in MO2. But I believe it still worked right after I did that. ----- Thanks for the offer. Here we go: I use "D:\Bethesda\SkyrimSE\The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - Special Edition" for the Game location; MO2 is at \Bethesda\SkyrimSE\mo_base (in portable mode); SSEEdit is at \SkyrimSE\tools_SE\SSEEdit_4.0.3. ...But I think its probably important to repeat that I *used to* have the "SSEEDit_4.0.3" folder *inside* the games folder, and that I just moved it, and that was when it stopped working. I dont know why I put it there in the first place, about two months ago. Lexys guide doesnt give instructions for installing this tool, but a few days ago I started working through the guide again, noticed something, and watched the GamerPoets video on xEdit installation, where he says, specifically, "Dont put it in the games folder"... so I moved it. Strange that it should work when I did the wrong thing, and then break when I correct it.
  6. Perhaps I am seeing a similar thing, a launch failure for SSEEditt, apparently due to the same document being empty. SSEEdit returns the error "There are no module in the Data folder", whether launched directly from the .exe, or in MO2. The log stops at the Plugins.txt entry: "Loading active plugin list: C:\Users\{me}\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\Plugins.txt". Oddly enough, it was just working before, but I had placed the SSEEdit in the game install folder and moved it when I determined that was wrong. Ive confirmed the plugins.txt is blank. This is while following the LOTD guide. I'll keep poking around.
  7. from the fire, born anew.
  8. Hello. Im trying to put together a Fallout 4 guide, and I have some questions. Im looking at these seven F4SE doo-dads, and I'd like to know if they're recommended: xSE PluginPreloader F4 (manual install) PrivateProfileRedirector F4 - Faster game start (INI file cacher) Address Library for F4SE Plugins Baka ScrapHeap-Script Memory Limit Expander Buffout 4 Auto Gamepad Switch and... Canary Save File Monitor ----- They all seem to have tangible benefits. But they also may be difficult to use. Are they stable, or necessary, or effective? Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated. -thx.
  9. Bump. It seems Im bringing quite a few older FO4 threads back to life these days. My apologies if this is offends. Here i am, about 18 months after the post above, and I have much the same impression and the same question, about enb .inis for Fallout 4.
  10. Hidden for a while, is it? Almost all of the available guides are at a little out of date, but they're still useful if you want to build one yourself. If you used Biraitbec's guide as a base, did do his massive texture operation too? Ive been wanting to ask someone about that: if its necessary and why? If its advisable independent of his other instructions. I mean, hes telling us to re-proc all of the vanilla textures in the game, in the *game files directly*, and thats against my rules.
  11. oo interesting I tried this game too. Im curious to see what it can be like modded. Come to think of it, I did try one or two mods along with the game. They didnt work very well.
  12. yup gotta love the old school BBS culture. So: Two and a half years later: has anyone had any luck modding FO4 using Vortex? It might just work...
  13. Hello. Im just stumbling about in this account, which I havent used for a while, so even old stuff is new and relevant to me. Sorry to bother you, but your post reminds me of a problem Ive had recently, so... Have you any idea if and how something like this, above, will work with an Enderal install, and even further, with an animation proccer for Enderal?
  14. Yes, that should be in the guide. The xEdit instructions should be in the guide, as well as a the link to the 'new' plugin. It should be in the 'Lore Friendly Equipment Pack' guide, I think. You used the YUP-WMX-PN-PNEO patch, and that worked for you, correct? I believe I used that patch as well, but I still had the same issue, presumably because I added something that you didn't add. I dont think the YUPetc patch works on all installs, if I understand correctly. I will have to poke around with this. Exactly which guide were you following, and did you follow it exactly? Or did you make some small changes?
  15. Thanks for the research. Your English is just fine. Mono has been away for a awhile now, but I may be able to help. Where do you think this should be added? To the Fear and Loathing main guide, or to the Mono's Equipment Pack page? I havent edited these guides in a while, but if you could say where in the guide it should be inserted, I can try to find a way to write the change in. Would you mind telling us a little more about the bug you found? It was an 'infinite loading' bug, correct, and not a load failure and game crash bug? The Fear and Loathing forum thread is huge, so a link to Mono's comment in would also be appreciated. I am also have a problem with this module; with one of the Project Nevada plugins used in it. But I understand this is probably my fault, and that I need to use xEdit a little more proficiently. Im using the Fear and Loathing -Wasteland Edition https://wiki.step-project.com/User:MonoAccipiter/Fear_and_Loathing_in_New_Vegas:_Wasteland_Edition#Additional_Equipment
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