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Voices/Lips issue in quest mod FO4 MO2


I'm sure you've heard this one before...but I tried googling a whole bunch and can't figure this out on my own. I have the Depravity quest mod for Fallout 4 installed with Mod Organizer 2. (I followed all the instructions on the mod page, I have all the other quest mods that it goes with installed as well Outcasts and Remnants etc etc) I took a long break from this game and came back this year to see what new mods were available. I used to use NMM but i'm giving MO2 a try this time since everyone seems to suggest it. So I'm only vaguely familiar with it. But this is all on a new PC with clean install of everything. 


Everything else seems to be working fine, including the Start Me Up mod which also has additional voice dialogue, and there are no issues with it. I can see in the "Data" tab of MO2 that the Depravity files including Voices are all there...But I'm obviously missing something here. There is a girl you talk to in Concord in FO4 to start the questline and I have no dialogue audio and no lip movement. The problem persists when I disable all mods except for Depravity and Outcasts and Remnants, which is the other mod that it requires to work. And I tried those two in the reverse load order they were initially in. 


I have a general understanding of how MO works but since girl in Concord is there, and the text for the dialogue, I don't really understand how these things are installed and how voices can fail installing at the same time? 


This is probably an easy solution I'm just not very educated on this stuff yet and I'd appreciate the help. Thanks. 



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