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Installing DarNified UI



I just want to make sure that I installed it properly. The instructions in the guide state the following:


Installation: To install this mod with MO click [Manual], then [Okay] during the installation or the default installer will skip a very important file.


Unfortunately, I don't get the option to install it manually. A window just pops up asking if I want to have my FALLOUT.INI modified for the fonts. I clicked "No" since I recall the guide saying that the ini values for the fonts will be handled by UIO. After I click "No", Mod Organizer then just installs the files.


I have also unzipped the fomod file in a separate location, just to compare the files there to the ones that Mod Organizer unzipped. It appears that all of the same files are there.


So my main question is regarding the installation instructions that I copied and pasted above. What exactly is the "very important file" that might accidentally be skipped? I'd just like to make sure that i have it!

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Mod Organizer should always start an installation with a choice of manual installation; I don't know why it didn't in this case. The line you mention was taken from the FNV guide; I'm not sure exactly which file it references. It looks like DarN has once again lost control of the site used by the guide for this mod. Did you find an alternate site for the 7zip version of the mod or did you already have it? If you have only the fomod version make sure to change the extension to 7z before installing (as mentioned in the guide).

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i had to use the alternate download, which came as a fomod. i did change it to 7z before installing.


i think i got it installed fine. i'm at the part of the guide where i'm done installing UIO and have started up the game to test it. i see the little vault boy head at the bottom left of the screen, so that's supposed to mean that DUI is good, iirc


thanks, Kelmych!

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