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FNVEdit (mod cleaning - "Select None"?)





I've just started modding Fallout New Vegas using this guide and Mod Organizer 2 - now have to 'clean' my first mod using FNVEdit. Maybe I'm being stupid, but I'm stumped almost right at the very beginning when the guide says: "When FNVEdit loads, right click the mod list and choose "Select None"."


I've looked and looked, but cannot see the 'Select None' option when you right click the list.


Any help would be much appreciated.




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Run FNVEdit from Mod Organizer and you should see the "Master/Plugin Selection" dialog containing a list of all masters (*.esm) and plugins (*.esp) you've installed and activated so far.


Right click anywhere in the list of mods (e.g. right click on FalloutNV.esm) and you should see options to Select All, Select None, or Invert Selected.


Click Select None so none of the files listed are checked.

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