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Strange (and missing) textures after graphics driver update (picture included)





First time post here. Been using the guides on STEP for years (FO3, FVN, Skyrim and FO4).  


I've recently re-installed Fear and Loathing for New Vegas and it's been a blast like always. Great guide!


However, I started modding Fallout 4 two days ago and had to re-install my graphics driver. I'm currently using the latest NVIDIA realease 398.36. 


Steam decided to update Fallout 4 today, so I'm currently waiting for the new F4SE release, so I decided to play FVN today. 


When I load FVN this happens: 



As you can see; Willow and the Old Mormon Fort have seen better days. The graphics re-appear when I bring up the pipboy, but they disappear as soon as I go back to first person. 


Any suggestions? I played the game three days ago and the only change I've made is to update the graphics drivers. Should I roll back or is there something else I can do?


I'm on i7 4790k, the game is installed on a SSD, 16 gigs of ram, have a 1080gtx and runs Win10. 


Thanks in advance for any answers. 

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