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Glowing /Pulsing bug - EVE's Laser Rife

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Long shot I know - but does anybody know what causes the white glowing pulsing bug on EVE's Laser Rifle & Laser Pistol to happen ? I have all the usual mods installed, FWE, WMK, RH-Iron plus blackened patches etc -  I'm using Mod Organiser 1,  - I've tried a retextured mod  (Laser Rifle Hi-Res Retexture)  but they still glow / pulse, thanks...

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I'm just guessing here, but could it be the EITM - Object Effect on the laser rifle in the Blackened mods? I don't remember seeing this effect on the laser rifle, but this may be because I either haven't used the laser rifle or because the RH_FWE Bridge.esp overrides this effect with an empty effect.

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Just found out that if I disable the patch "RH_IronSights FWE- WMK compatible" the pulsing / glowing goes away. Not sure what the repercussions for doing that are, something to do with the FWE weapon values using sights. Anyway onwards....  

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