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  1. Have you seen the post in general feedback ? It might help you
  2. Yes please - I'd be interested in following this step (with clear instructions for those who are thick like me)
  3. Frustrating isn’t it ? I’ve done exactly the same thing as you and got the same results. (again !!) My solution: I’ve recently discovered Kelmych’s own personal load order and used his as a template for my own set-up, more or less copyied it mod for mod. The end result is no more red markers / escape key problems. I’ll try and put a link to it here I don’t know how to insert links from my phone but if you look for the thread “plug-in limit†it’s there !!!
  4. I'd be interested to see your load order, just to simply learn from it, thanks. I tried to search for it, any chance of a link ?
  5. I’ve used “Big Red Square Exclamation Mark Error Remover†mod on nexus, I know it doesn’t cure the initial problem but gets rid of the annoying exclamation marks...
  6. I had the same experience, I could manage my game around 120 plug-ins max.
  7. Thanks Just found out that if I disable the patch "RH_IronSights FWE- WMK compatible" the pulsing / glowing goes away. Not sure what the repercussions for doing that are, something to do with the FWE weapon values using sights. Anyway onwards....
  8. example_1.bmpexample_2.bmp Long shot I know - but does anybody know what causes the white glowing pulsing bug on EVE's Laser Rifle & Laser Pistol to happen ? I have all the usual mods installed, FWE, WMK, RH-Iron plus blackened patches etc - I'm using Mod Organiser 1, - I've tried a retextured mod (Laser Rifle Hi-Res Retexture) but they still glow / pulse, thanks...
  9. Was watching an old 2012 Gopher video on "performance & stability" and I'm curious to know if his advice on capping the FPS (via stutter remover ini settings) is still relevant for today or not ? If yes, and I cap my FPS @ 60, is there an optimal refresh rate for my monitor to compliment the FPS ? Link to video: https://youtu.be/tONiXNbwSt0?t=824 Still some great nuggets of information from those early videos - back in the day :-)
  10. Sorry for been a bit thick but can someone please check I'm installing this right (at a critical stage I believe with weapons section I'm told) 1. Using M O - I install "eXcalibr_Ammo_Pack_v2-3_Full_FOMOD" (main file) 2. Merge "Weapons patch for 20th Century Weapons" over main file. ​After patch has merged I get the following in the "available ESPs" ​ 1 - xCALIBR.esm 2 - xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12 esp ​Before merging the patch I just see xCALIBR.esm ​Guide says move "CALIBR.ESM" into the optional ESPs box, - note the no "X" ​Which one do I move ? I'm using the patch form the same site as where I get eXcalibr_Ammo_Pack_v2-3_Full_FOMOD file.
  11. Thanks for the reply's, thank-you...
  12. Well I'm working though the guide nicely and would like to know is there a reason why MMM is listed near towards the end of the guide ? I'm currently at the "male body replacers" and want to install the "Breezes FO3 Males" but this requires MMM to be installed first. What's the best thing to do ? Thanks...
  13. Is net framework 3 still a required component for a fresh install of FO3 (dvd version, goty) I'm using win 10 Pro 64 bit & about to use the Clear & Present guide Thanks
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