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FO4 - Texture Optimization Mods?



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I'm new to Fallout 4 myself, but the majority of referrals for modding and texture optimization are for BiRaitBec's guide:




He uses a batch file to repack the texture archives with higher quality and better performing textures than the default textures. I've given it a try and the results are well worth the extra time and effort. Fallout 4's engine performs far better with the archive format than with loose files. PhyOp - Overhauled Optimized Textures, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27038 are a performance option listed in the guide as an option, but I was satisfied with the texture compilation that is included in the guide.



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Thanks for the replySatur9,


I know of BiRait. I don't, unfortunately, know how to properly test the performance stuff out beyond fps. Trying to learn more about compression methods, pre-combines and everything else is proving to require more time than I have so I need to rely on those with more knowledge than me when using some mods. Going to look into his texture mods more = ) Thanks

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