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  1. Since they focused on Single Player I hope it is for sure worth it, I had expectations before and I still have the expectations now.
  2. deltaminds

    Skyrim VR

    Thanks for these :) Really useful and fun to play with.
  3. I would be interested in knowing more about this as well. How are the above mentioned mods working for you? Did you see a significant change?
  4. Hey Shadriss, I was writing two answers and had the window of the other subforum was on the other tab, I was in a hurry and accidentally wrote that for skyrim. Apologies for the confusion. I don't expect anyone to reply within a minute or so or x amount of time, I wasn't trying to convey that in what I wrote. Sorry.
  5. I don't find people active here anymore, I found this on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/8bse96/is_there_any_autosave_mod_for_sse/ Let me know if you found this helpful.
  6. So the E3 hype is still in me haha! I wanted to know your thoughts on Cyber Punk 2077 since it is all over social media I'd like to know is it a buy or nay situation for you? If you know any link to the interview/article where any potential gameplay was shown by the company itself please let me know.
  7. WOAH! This looks so gorious...whoops I meant glorious
  8. deltaminds

    Skyrim VR

    Well There should be some kind of master list of all mods that are essentials for skyrim vr.
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