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Optimal FPS & refresh rate via Stutter Remover ?



Was watching an old 2012 Gopher video on "performance & stability"  and I'm curious to know if his advice on capping the FPS (via stutter remover ini settings)  is still relevant for today or not ?


If yes,  and I cap my FPS @ 60, is there an optimal refresh rate for my monitor to compliment the FPS ? 


Link to video: https://youtu.be/tONiXNbwSt0?t=824


Still some great nuggets of information from those  early videos  - back in the day :-)

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I've read that capping your FPS at 1/2 or 1/3 of your monitor's refresh rate is recommended in Kelmych's guide, but I'm not sure of the reasoning behind it. I've seen a lot more evidence of the game having errors past 60, or just breaking altogether once you get around 70-80 since the game's physics are tied to your framerate for some reason. 


I have it capped to 60 in my Fallout Stutter Removal's .ini file, and don't really see any problems. 

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