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Random Colored Planes Glitch



Large colored planes appear after playing the game for a while. Does anyone know what causes this? It always disappears when I quit Skyrim and start it back up. This only happens in my STEP 2.10.0 Mod Organizer profile.
I've gone through the STEP guide twice trying to solve this. I have other profiles I've played for over a hundred hours that have never had this problem.
I've seen it in other colors like red and blue as well. This one happened to be black.
It seems to happen more frequently near mountains and more frequently when I backtrack through an area I've visited in the last few minutes.

Google Drive folder has load order, mod list, inis and a screenshot of Skyrim Performance Monitor for the whole session. The video starts around the 1800 samples mark in Skyrim Performance Monitor.



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The problem went away after I disabled anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering in the SkyrimPrefs.ini. This is what I set:





I tested for 10 hours with no issues whereas before I'd see the glitch roughly once an hour.


I found the suggestions here:


They say this needs to be done when using ENB, but I'm using ENBoost without ENB effects. My guess is that either Skyrim or my graphics card has difficulty doing anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering for objects that are already fairly detailed. My graphics card is far under its limits when this happens, so it could also be a driver issue.


Anyway, this is solved. Hope it helps someone else :)
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