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  1. Oh yea, I was so confused as I had forgotten about FIZZLE when my spells wouldn't go off all of a sudden anymore randomly... But yes, I get the idea behind CCO and for magic it might just come down to that even with odin it is still a little underpowered in comparison to weapons. I think for instance Destruction levels with damage output, and quite frankly I do much more damage with weapons (even bound ones) than with magic (though bound weapons level the weapon skills, not conjuration).
  2. As I don't know how vanilla works in the first place I can't really say if it is slower, but I can confirm it sure does feel so. I used Conjuration for Bound Weapons (One Hand Sword) and I leveled up One Handed to 70 in no time, while Conjuration was still stuck around 30~40. I just recently after about 120h got my Alteration to 100 though constantly using spells from it even when out of combat. The same is true for smithing by the way: where Alchemy and Enchanting were fairly easy to level up; I am still stuck on level 50 for smithing.
  3. Ah ok thank you, I thought I could do that from within the game when I set the flag in the ENB Menu, save and apply, but that was the problem then I guess. I found a missing wall section in Fellglow Keep, is this caused by a mod? https://my.hidrive.com/share/j1oexi3905 X -2809 Y -2254 Z -1561 Cell -1,-1 Block -1,-1 SubBlock -1,-1 (is this of any use indoors?)
  4. Thank you for explaining, it seems these presets work differently than just saving a bunch of the things you see in the GUI - maybe I have too little understanding what DynDOLOD actually does to grasp it at this point I also couldn't get the DoF for the STEP ENB to work, the settings didn't change anything for me for some reason, I even went in and replaced some of the other ini files which had DoF in name but also without any change. Switching back to Rudy's ENB the DoF was working fine but I couldn't figure out why. On that note I enabled "disableDistantReflection" for water which makes the water LOD look much better. Those just as information if someone stumbles upon this. Thank you again for all your generous support and input it's amazing to get this kind of help!
  5. But if DynDOLOD takes the given updated preset from the CR why is it then that when I hit "High" the rules look so different from when I load them via the "Load Preset" button directly from the file? Maybe I just don't get or know something in the chain happening there - I did just use the "High" button as in the guide and everything works, just to be clear. I'm just curious to how it works I guess. Thank you, I did enable it, but I still don't see any DoF. I will change those values and investigate further.
  6. Ok, so, what is the file in the CR Patch for then? There is even an update to it for 2.0.1 and the rules look very different from what the "High" preset button loads. And it says to rerun DynDOLOD if High setting were used. That confused me a little, so I just ran it after loading the file manually but the outcome doesn't really look like it worked. Yes, that's why I was asking, I too think it looks rather... unpleasant. I can't say if it's the mismatched water mod or just the ENB Preset itself, though at least with Realistic Water Two the STEP Preset looks so much better indeed! That said, I can't get DoF to work which I'm actually not a fan of in general, but which I got used to hiding some shadow pops and imperfections in the distance. I enabled it in ENB but it doesn't seem to do anything...
  7. Ah I see, sorry for bringing such a minor thing up. And you are correct, I didn't think the ENB had so much power. Should have checked beforehand, also my apologies for that. Thank you for all those helpful tips and the quick responses! EDIT: Swapped to STEP High ENB Preset, yes, water looks sooo much better now! Also I wondered for Dyndolod settings, does the button press as shown in the guide load a standard DynDOLOD file, the file included in the STEP CR Patch or should you manually load exactly that file from the CR Patch directory?
  8. Minor glitching at the entrance of Rimerock Burrow for me: https://my.hidrive.com/share/9gp1yltnuy X-144087 Y 105071 Z -7571 Cell -36,25 Block -2,0 SubBlock -5,3. Also, is there any other setting which could mess with my water there or does this just look normal? https://my.hidrive.com/lnk/yHgDn000 Checked in console, reflectsky is definitively off... getini "breflectsky:water" INISetting breflectsky:water >> 0 Thanks!
  9. Yes, so except the "Water for ENB" STEP 2.0.0 already provides all necessary hard requirements
  10. Just for the record regarding Rudy ENB as of version 5.0b (28Nov21) Hard Requirements: "SSE Engine Fixes" (included in STEP 2.0.0) "Cathedral Weathers and Seasons" (included in STEP 2.0.0) "Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows" (included in STEP 2.0.0) "Water for ENB" (STEP 2.0.0 uses "Realistic Water Two", which seems compatible to me) "Embers XD" (included in STEP 2.0.0) "Obsidian Mountain Fogs" (included in STEP 2.0.0) Soft Requirements: "Window Shadows RT" - Window Shadows Enhancer is required (not included in STEP 2.0.0) or "Enhanced Lights and FX" - ELFX Enhancer is required (included in STEP 2.0.0, though esp deactivated) "ELFX Fixes" (included in STEP 2.0.0, though esp deactivated) "Tamriel Master Lights" (STEP 2.0.0 uses "Relighting Skyrim - SSE", "Lanterns of Skyrim SE - MCM version", "Luminosity Lighting Overhaul - The Cathedral Concept" which might do such a thing?) I haven't done testing with exactly those mods to compare STEP+Rudy ENB and Hard+Soft Requirements and Rudy ENB, but for me it looks good and I can not report any issues which I can definitively say arise from the ENB settings and missing or incompatible requirements. EDIT: Just to get this information here, enabling "disableDistantReflections" in the general water section of ENB fixes some of the ugliness of water LOD.
  11. From the required mods from Rudy ENB I’m not using ENB water as step uses realistic waters two and I thought that might be uhm similar enough… except some water LOD irregularities as mentioned in my other post I don’t have any other water related problems. Further Tamriel master is not used by step I think (am on mobile can’t check) but there were mods doing similar things so I also thought that might be fine and I think all other requirements are fulfilled by the step guide.
  12. Yes, I’m using an ENB and the mod group though with Rudy ENB preset instead of step as I’m used to that and had that from before.
  13. Well it didn't took me long to just go and swap out Snowy Roads for Snowy Regions for SLSR, also updated to the current STEP CR and Light & Weather and installed the newly released Post-Processing patch. No clue if I should have. But after xLodGen, TexGen and DynDOLOD my game still seems to be running fine and I have checked multiple locations for irregularities but except a missing LOD chunk in the lake by Riften, which a rerun of aforementioned tools fixed, I haven't found anything. It looks beautiful. Thank you!
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