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Reputation Disabled?



To be more specific, I am unable to gain or lose reputation with any faction, and no factions show up in the pipboy reputation menu. I've tried using console commands to add rep and still no dice.

I was just curious if any of you experienced this bug or know which mod might cause this (if it's one in particular). If not that's alright, any responses are appreciated!

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The reputation system seems to be working fine for me. I currently have reputation with a few factions in Good Springs, Novac, Primm, NCR, and I'm utterly vilified by Ceasars Legion as always. You might go back over the Machienzo Gameplay Tweaks and the merge in this section. Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance fixes the faction allegiance for Lonesome Road and Primm Reputation Restored fixes the reputation system for Primm. I don't really see how these can affect the reputation system in other factions, though.

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