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Hail! Does the Radeon Settings from STEP, can be followed for F04?

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As the title says, does this page here > https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Radeon_Settings > can be used as a base for F04?
For exemple, i am using ENBoost only, so could i use ForceAnisotropicFiltering=False, and then set through Radeon Settings the AnisotropicFiltering ??

Maybe this has been answeared elsewhere, but i'm not really good at GoogleFu >_<'
Thx in advance, and sorry for any grammar killing, as always, english isn't my native.


Also, the Radeon Settings Guide is a little outdated, as Max Tesselation isn't there anymore, and there's a new option, Shader Cache there.
Just thought it would be good to warn yah folks =3

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Another question, if i may, when selecting wich exe the Radeon should force it AnisotropicFiltering, should it point to F4SE(SKSE equivalent) or to the Fallout4.Exe(Skyrim.exe equivalent)

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