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Morrowind Crashing on Startup


Whenever I try to launch Morrowind it crashes while loading the textures and meshs and things. I've never played morrowind before and I was really excited to, but when I first started it was verrrrrry dated for my taste. So I followed this guide : https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Morrowind pretty much to the T. At first I had a couple of missing texture error's; but fixed them with the Wrye Mash tool by updating their masterlists. A few mods weren't compatible and I have to leave a few unchecked in the plugins section of NMM. Half of the mods are downloaded using NMM and half are manually installed. I'm not that great at manually installing mods, though, which is where I'm pretty sure the issue is. However, I spent close to 2 or so hours downloading and installing all of those mods, and cleanly installing morrowind and starting over does not sound ideal. I would like to find a better solution to narrow down to the culprit of what's causing the crash. I'm not entirely sure of all of the information I should be providing, so here is my mod list, plugins and load order, and what the crash looks like. Not sure what other info to provide, so please ask questions. Thank you. 


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Part of the problem might be using Nexus Mod Manager. Morrowind doesn't play nice with NMM--the game's just too old. Mixing manual and mod-managed installations may cause problems too.​


​I recommend starting with a clean installation (sorry!) and using Wrye Mash to manage your mods (it works more like Mod Organizer than NMM). This is the most up-to-date version on the Nexus: There's lots of documentation on how to use it as a mod manager.


​The STEP community guide is a great resource but doesn't have very clear install instructions. It might be worth cherry-picking from this non-STEP community guide: https://supremerulerofearth.com/morrowind-an-alternative-to-mgso/. It's outdated, but has clearer install notes and is a little more comprehensive. HIGHLY recommend following the post-installation instructions and using tes3cmd. Tes3cmd alone might clear up whatever causes your CTD.


(I also recommend keeping your load order as light as possible ESP-wise for your first playthrough--you'll minimize game-breaking or just annoying mid- and late-game bugs. And anything like MCA or Starfire's NPCs will kill your framerate, if you care about a constant 60+ FPS in cities.)


​EDIT: Might be worth checking this thread (https://forum.step-project.com/topic/11783-is-there-a-completemodern-morrowind-mod-guide/) too.

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